The Sickness?

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Kenneth wakes up to the sound of someone...... Puking?!

Kenneth looks beside him and sees that baldi isn't their~

The principle: baldi! Are you ok!?

Kenneth runs to the bathroom and sees his loved one throwing up~   

The principle: oh my god, baldi is everything ok!?

Baldi struggles at talking but manages to say some words~

Baldi: I... Don't know.... What's wrong with me...

Kenneth rushes to grab his cell phone, he dials a doctor to book an appointment~

The principle: come on babe! We're finding out what's wrong right now!

Kenneth carries baldi to his car and rushes to the doctors~

Baldi continues to puke into a plastic bag~

Kenneth begins to tear up~

The principle: everything is gonna be ok...

Baldi: cough* don't cry hun, I'm sure.... That its just a bug..

Kenneth arrives at the doctors and parks his car~

He rushes baldi to the clinic~

Kenneth runs up to the front desk~

The principle: excuse me mam!

Felisha: oh you must be Kenneth!

The principle: yes! That's me! My boyfriend.... I mean friend... Is really ill is the doc available!!?? 3

The nurse chuckles~

Felisha: yes he's waiting for you now! Good luck with your..... Boyfriend

The nurse winks and smiles at kenneth~

The principle: this is between you and me!

They both laugh as Kenneth runs to the clinic with baldi~

Doc. Henry: Kenneth I presume?

The principle: yes, that's me!

Doc. Henry: ok please take a seat, I will be with you in a moment.

Kenneth helps baldi sit down and stays by his side~

The principle: are you ok babe..

Baldi turns to Kenneth and smiles~

Baldi: I'm fine kenny~ don't worry~

Kenneth kisses baldi on the cheek~

Doc. Henry: ok then, well hi there, I'm doctor Henry Smith,

The principle: thank you for having us in doc!

Doc. Henry: it was my pleasure! Now, when did this sickness start?

Baldi: just today sir..

Doc. Henry: would you be able to explain the symptoms?

Baldi: Well I've been throwing up alot, I get very weak and I sometimes struggle to speak! I've been getting horrible chest pains also..

Doc. Henry: hmm I see? Would you be able to give me a urinal sample please? You may take your time.

Baldi: alright, I won't be long!

Baldi heads to the bathroom~

Doc. Henry: Kenneth, he's gonna be ok. Your a very supportive boyfriend you know, baldimore is lucky to have you

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