Chapter 102 Come to an end! (1)

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"Now I know... why Tianqing likes you so much, cares about you." She... is indeed a woman worthy of attention and care.

Lan Qin Yu was stunned, and her face began to heat suspiciously. He took the topic away so suddenly! Isn't it asking him whether he chooses rights or affection? How? How did you get to Tianqing? I don't like where this is going...

Feng Jilin rarely laughed . "It's rare. You know how to feel embarrassed?" It is rare see her blushing appearance.

If he could recognize her early enough, he might not have reached this step .

Lan Qin Yu stood up and patted her ass. Then said: "I seem to have been here  for a long time. It is time to return."

  finished, should she ... drop it? Ah, it seems really short of the point ...... what in the end is what?

Ah! I remembered!

"Hey, I told you yesterday, because the smack on the back of my head, your ruthlessly split the two, I have seen the physician to look for Oh! But no matter, you can rest assured that, do not feel guilty."

The man moved his mouth and scorned.

"Only being hit gently twice , and will not leave any symptoms at all." This woman is a bit like overkill, she said the event seemed to like to eat the little things,but she seemed to make even books fall down every day.

"It is not your head being beaten, of course you don't care! The brain is more than other places. If it's broken, it's a problem! Fortunately, nothing, or you are finished! Oh, what I want to say is not this."

She almost went off the subject. I want to tell you that I also heard from Liu fei from the doctor. You may not know that after you were taken away, she screamed for a while,  it didn't take long to faint. Still so dizzy, hehe. Then the doctor gave her a diagnosis and said..."

Feng Jilin only listened quietly and did not give her any response.

Kneeling down and licking his face, please give me some reaction?

"Want to know what the royal doctor said?"  really want to know?

"Do not want." Even if he wanted to know, in front of her person with ill intent of this apparent, no one would want to say ......

  Lan Qin Yu laughed, obviously want to know, but also said that he did not want to, awkward!

"Liu fei is pregnant!"

pregnancy? I didn't expect to hear the word suddenly, and Feng Jilin was really stunned .

Lan Qin Yu thought he didn't understand it, and added it. "Have you not heard it? Pregnancy, know what is pregnant? Just pregnant, pregnant with a baby." still don't understand?

Feng Jilin rolled his eyes, this woman really treated him as an idiot?

Lan Yuyu smirked. "I didn't treat you as an idiot. You must have thought so, right? Haha! I just want to remind you that this child is yours, you are the father of this child. So do what a father should do."

In addition to the three days of two big rebellions and small commotions, the most common thing is that the losers are self-deprecating. Feng JiLin is also very self-respecting, and it is very likely that they will find short-sighted things because of such things! She is almost certain!

"You don't want your child to have no father when he is born? I don't want him to lack father's love when he is born. He heard from others when he was sensible, and his father forced the palace to fail to commit suicide... This stupid News, don't you do this, you will be thundered..."(??)

Please don't be so stupid!

"You can sometimes be simple, sometimes really smart and make people feel scared." Feng Jilin lamented, she can guess this kind of thing?

Lan Qin Yu shook her head very weakly. It wasn't that she was smart. It was too much TV drama.Even if she doesn't want to know it, it's hard!

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