Chapter 101 Deep discussions with the season! (2)

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If you look at it form another view, being a princess is not worth it!

The ceremony was tired her to death, she was almost assassinated,by the mastermind who is now in her side; she also suffered from poison.Being poisoned and almost lost her life,kidnapped and whatever else there is.

The point is that the mastermind is now by her side!

Feng Jilin, Lin foul Feng Yi Lin,thinking about it now, this person really should be hacked in pieces.

If she had the identity of 'princess' on her head, would she have to suffer so much sin? Need to use it?

"What happened to the princess, the princess simply couldn't count it. The woman could not be a princess, be an emperor. Wu Zetian did not marry the emperor ."

"Who is Wu Zetian?"

Why didn't he know that there were women in the world who were emperors? Does she have this meaning too?

you are who you are, you will are not able to control it. Anyway, don't be too glamorous, you will not plant it in my hands this time. "Although most things are planned by Mo Yun, she is a bit of a credit."

"Thank you for reminding me, I will never look down on women, especially your skills." Once you have planted it, it is enough for him to reflect on it. I am afraid that there will be  no opportunities for planting in her hands...

Gossip about it here, Lan Qin Yu remembered that there is still a very important thing to say to him.

"Hey, yesterday, Tianqing drank a lot of wine..."

  His body turned stiff, Lan Qin Yu continues to say: "Then he also said something about your childhood..." The most important thing is that it is almost like driving her crazy...

"Yes, he... said something."

"Well, a lot, for example, when I was young, I was very close to you, and I was looking for you when I was eating. I was looking for you when I was a child. I will find you if I have trouble." How good brothers are, but this is a past tense.

Can we rediscover this kind of pure friendship, and let her work harder here, hoping to call back his **, the nature should not be bad? Although it is very bad now...

  Feng JiLin looked at the distance, do not understand ... Why is it that when she said this, the mind will immediately see the time when Tian Qing was chasing his own figure, as well as his smile on Tianqing, the love for Tianqing.

How long has it been? How long have he not heard the kind 'Imperial Brother' from the mouth of Tianqing? Hey, in this case, it is ridiculous that he suddenly wants to listen to the young voice of childhood.

"Is it worth it?" Qin Yu asked faintly.

"What ...... what?" ...... worth it?

"Give up such beautiful memories, let go of the flesh and blood between you, calculate against each other, the younger brother you have pampered , he now has to be on guard against you all the time, and you

After being greatly respected by him, the prince thought about it with all his heart and mind. Are these... worth it? For those who have no right to use at all, discarding brotherhood and turning against enemies, is it worth it? "

If he dares to say it is worthwhile, she must kill him on the spot! Then go to the Qingfeng Palace, pat Tianqing's shoulder and said, your brother does not want to stop!

Feng Jilin was silent, and looked stunned. His eyes were stuffed with something suspected of being a vicissitude. After so many experiences, did he finally have an epiphany? She said so much, wasted so much saliva, and finally a little effect?

"Yeah, in the end... is the value worth it?"

Yeah? Why do you ask her in turn? what the hell!

Still can't figure out what I think, it's really stupid, so simple choice questions won't do it! Want a throne, or a brother, is it difficult to choose?

If he succeeded in becoming a young emperor, this question may be more difficult for him to answer, but now he has forced the palace to fail! When the emperor is definitely impossible, then is it that people will choose brothers? He doesn't want to lose both! A moron!

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