Declaration of Intentions [Kid x Reader]

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Disclaimer: This is nowhere near a smut, but if you feel uncomfortable with the slightest sexual innuendos, I'd recommend you to skip it. Continue on your own responsibility.




When the man that had been bothering you the whole night drunkenly came back for another round of trying to flirt with you, you couldn't hold back anymore. Reaching for his hair, you grabbed a fist full and slammed his head against the wooden bar of the inn, all this while cursing your lungs out.

The whole place went silent. Even your captain, who was usually more than delighted when someone pushed your buttons long enough for you to lose your cool, was extremely taken aback.

You let go of the man's head and sat back down on the stool, taking your beer from the counter and watching how the pirate's body slumped to the floor.

Now, you weren't usually a violent person, but that had probably been one of the worst days of your life. Nothing had turned out as planned.

First thing in the morning, you tried to help the crew hoisting the sail, but the cloth got caught who knows where and tore slightly, so you had spent the next couple of hours sewing it under the scorching sun. Then, Kidd had told you to go and check the first-aid kit to see what you needed to buy later that day when you docked. Everything was fine until you tripped and threw the whole kit to the floor, having to spend the next hour trying to save what could be saved and cleaning the mess.

Those were just two of the things that had happened that day. The list was long, and you couldn't understand what was going on. You had never been clumsy, and generally knew what you were doing.

So, the drunk pirate that had come to bother you had been the straw which broke the camel's back, and you had taken all your bottled up anger out on him. Now, somehow cooling off after the incident, you even felt slightly bad for the man. Slightly.

You noticed both Killer and Kid had been observing you from one of the tables at the side. Casting a glance at them, you arched an eyebrow. Killer didn't move at all, and you had no idea of what he could be thinking with that mask on. Kid's face, on the other hand, slowly lit up, a cheerful grin plastered on his lips and his laugh soon filling the air.

The rest of the people there must have taken that as a sign, each of them going back to whatever they were doing before, the noise returning to the once silent tavern.

Your captain stood up and made his way to where you were, resting his elbows on the bar and looking at you with amusement. "Say, what was this poor soul doing to get you all riled up, uh? I need new ideas."

You rolled your eyes. "Not now, Kid. I'm not in the mood."

Bad move on your part.

Taking into account that you were the hardest person to anger in the whole ship, Eustass 'Captain' Kid enjoyed few things more than to see how far he could push the limits before you snapped, and now you had given him a piece of what he wanted. The smirk on his face said it all, and you mentally groaned, bracing yourself for whatever he could say.

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