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A/n: I thought I would leave you all on these...

Your brother in the band:

Your best friend in the band:

His name in your phone:
🌹 My Prince 🌹

Your name in his phone:
🌹 My princess 🌹

How you sleep:
Brooklyn would wrap his arms around your waist and pull you close. Sometimes your back is against his chest so he's the big spoon and you're the little spoon. He would always have his arm wrapped around you so he knows you are safe. Other times the two of you face each other with your legs tangled together and Brooklyn's arms around your waist to keep you close.

What he tweets about you:
@RoadTripTV: You've made me a better person @Y/T/N. I smile more because of you and you've really lightened up my world. I can't wait to make more memories with you. I love you so much princess.

What you tweet about him:
@Y/T/N: I love him so much. Brooklyn makes me so happy and I'm so happy that I have him in my life. He's made me a better person and I'm so glad we met. He's like my prince in shinning armour. I love you so so much Brook.

How he hugs you:
Brooklyn will wrap his arms around your waist pulling you closer to him so he can protect you. He would sometimes come up behind you and give you a hug from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder while his arms wrap themselves around their waist and hands rest on your stomach.

Who secretly has a crush on you:

Favourite cover they sing:
In My Blood -- By Shawn Mendes

How Blair finds out:
He finds out from the roadies. They send him pictures and videos of the two of you they capture. In them you were either, holding hands, hugging or kissing. Once Blair saw one of the kissing photos he immediately got on the phone to Brooklyn and spoke to him about it then requesting to speak to you. He was happy with this relationship.

What you love about him:
You love the way he smiles and laughs. The smile that appears on his face makes you smile knowing that he is happy. Hearing Brooklyn laugh makes you smile but altogether you love him lots and love everything about him.

What he loves about you:
He loves how sweet you are towards others. Brooklyn loves it when you smile as it brings a smile to his face and he knows you are happy. If you're sad, he's sad. Brooklyn loves everything about you.

Who you ship:

Your age gap:
1 year

What the others think about you:
He thinks you are great for Brooklyn and really bring the better out in him.
He loves how you are always bubbly and always have a laugh with people.
He likes how you make Brooklyn happy and defend him when him and the others say things about Brooklyn.
He thinks you are just the perfect person for Brooklyn and he thinks the two of you are cute together.

Where you go for a date:
Brooklyn would take you out on a picnic on a sunny day and have chats till the sun goes down.

Where he proposes:
He takes you through all the places the two of you have made memories at so far and takes you to a new place where a new memory is made by asking you to marry him.

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