IV - Magic

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A divine or supernatural being; a god or a goddess.

Magic is a natural force that flows through everything in nature. It's energy. Witches believe they can use this energy to effect change in their lives. By directing the energy toward a goal, it will happen faster or more effectively.

As a witch, you need to take full responsibility of your actions. This is crucial. There is no deity and no person who will carry that burden for you. If you use magic and something goes wrong, you need to be ready to fix it. No running away, no blaming someone else.

The human body has energy (magic) of its own. Yes, you have magical powers! During a spell you're setting an intention (thinking about what you want to happen) and releasing the energy into the Universe, where it will work its way to your goal. Magical things, such as crystals, candles, sigils, colors, Moon phases, etc. will aid your own magic so you can better achieve your goal. Each has specific type of energy, so you need to pick what best suits your current situation. Some also amplify your own energy. Maybe you want to find love? Use rose quartz in your spell. Money? A green candle can help (see chapter VI for correspondences).

Items can also be "charged" with your magic. You can put your magic in jewelry, decorations, and other items in order to bring something to yourself, your house, family, or friends. By charging items with specific intentions, you can bring protection, prosperity, love, peace, luck, happiness, and anything and everything else you might wish for.

Some believe that magic is only symbolic – that it works because subconsciously you're creating the change yourself. For some, however, magic is a real, physical force that science just doesn't understand yet. For you it may be either of the two or something else. Remember to research, explore, and find out for yourself.

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