Prank war

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*looks at the dare again then glares at Bishop*  ...Really?

Bishop: Hey I am extremely bored, and I want to see someone get pranked.

Lemondrop: Plus there was no rules about not being able to have a ask or dare if you're in it as well.

Voodoo: *nods* it's true.

*groans* Alright then. Silence and Dusk. You two go be a team with Bishop.

Dusk: Aww why prank wars?

Silence: Because Bishop wants to prank the others..

Lemondrop: But I don't wanna do mean things!

Well... you could keep track to see who wins the prank war?

Loxo: Sounds like a good idea!

Okay, seems fair. I'll team up with Voodoo and Loxo. Team Bloods and team... um...

Bishop: Team Spade.

Okay! Let the prank war, *grabs a splat bomb and throws it at Bishop and their team* Begin! Run!

Voodoo,Loxo&Lemondrop: *runs*

*splat bomb explodes and get on team Spade*

Bishop: *covered in blue ink* *nods at Dusk*

Dusk: *nods and teleports above team Bloods* *pours a bucket of green paint on them*

Voodoo: Hey! That's cold! This green substance is cold!

Loxo: Eeeeeewww! Slimy! What is this?!

Oi! Okay that was bullshite! I used ink! This is paint!

Loxo: This is war!

Lemondrop: *takes out a pen and notebook* Team Blood takes the lead...

(Time skip brought to you by Classy being fought over by two girls)

Team Spade: *planning their next attack on team Bloods*

*firecrackers go off near them*

Dusk: ack! *jumps*

Loxo: *appears in the room with lit fire crackers* Hah!

*bursts in the room and pulls on Loxo's ear* I told you, nothing that makes loud noises! Dusk doesn't like them!

Loxo: Oooowwww! But this is a prank war!

*glitter cloud surrounds team Bloods*

Voodoo: *runs into the room* What's wrong Alpha Bl- Hey! What are these small shiny specks?!? *stumbles and steps on Silence*

*spits some glitter out of mouth* Out of all things! Glitter?! You know how much I hate it!

Silence: WHAT AM I?! A DOOR MAT?!

Bishop: But now your fur is pretty. *glitter lands on their nose, causing them to sneeze* Stupid cat nose.

I only approve if my fur is covered in you-know-what and ink!

Lemondrop: *in a corner keeping notes* Team Spade 1 and Team Bloods 2.

(Time skip brought to you by a sneezing Bishop)

Voodoo: Hey Silence! Come here real quick! I'm in the room, the door is open!

Silence: You are the enemy, why should I?

Voodoo: ....

Loxo: *appears behind Silence* Fine! We'll do it the other way! *picks him up and tosses him into the door which was covered in plastic wrap*

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