Chapter 100 Deep discussions with the season! (1)

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Zongyuan Palace, in fact, is similar to the ancient clan palace, mainly in charge of the education, book, and punishment of the royal family. Lan  Qin Yu was enshrined as a princess, and after the approval of the Zongyuan Palace, he decided to hold a grand ceremony.

Feng Jilin was detained in the Xigong of Zongyuan Palace, saying that being detained is only a more formal statement. It is not that he is locked in a place like a prison. After all, the family is a prince, and cannot be so rash. Zongyuan Xigong is also a large courtyard. Compared with other emperors' palaces, the only difference is that except for a small one, there are only a lot of guards guarded, and the action is restricted.

Zongyuan Xigong, on the stone steps outside a certain room, sitting side by side with white and green, the green one seems to be good, and the white one seems to be a little bit sullen and can't see his emotions.

"It's rare that this princess came to visit you, can't you give me some reaction?"

Really rude!

"Did I have you come to visit me? Hey." The white one, Feng Jilin did not give face at all, and continued to sit facelessly.

The forced invasion to the palace failed, the status no longer exists. Now, just waiting for the emperor to fall, what reaction does he have to give?

"forget it! Anyway, I already knew that you would be like this! Hello, I always had a question to ask you."

Not asking him would make her very uncomfortable. If you don't ask him, it will be white, that is... she came here to ask him this question!


Fuck! Still posing cool with her...

"Why do you want to be an emperor?"

Feng Jilin's face was soaked, and the corner of his eye was twitching. What question did she ask? Is it necessary to examine him?

Do not understand her intentions, so he chose to remain silent.

Lan Qin Yu did not take offence at his silence, and began to talk about her own long story.

"To tell the truth, I feel that the worst thing to do under the sun is to be an emperor. It is a matter of natural disasters and man-made disasters everywhere. If the local officials are doing well, what about the other things? In short, it is a lot of things that make people collapse. If I were you, I wuldn't want to be the emperor!"

However, the people who have been in the royal family have slandered this throne. This has been the case since ancient times. This kind of person who asks for idiots in her eyes is too many to count.

"When is the emperor not good? If you have an identity, you need money, and you don't have to worry about so many things. If you have time, go out and go to the mountains to play with the water. Isn't it good? Why do you have to get the throne? What do you really think of this throne?"  In my opinion, the dragon chair shouldn't be quite comfortable to sit up, find time to discuss with the emperor, sit and watch."

Well, the feeling of sitting up must be great! However... in order to sit on a chair, it is not that you will die.


It seems that Lan Qin Yu is not trying to interrogate him, but... her problem still makes him a little overwhelmed.

Why do you want to be an emperor?

He did not think about this problem. Since he started to listen to the political affairs, he became a prince unconsciously. In the future, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty was his ultimate goal. As for what I originally wanted to do for whatever reason, I don't remember it.

He only knows that if he does not become an emperor, he will have no goal to move forward, and he will stop to move forward. Therefore, there is no reason to just expand his power in the ruling and the opposition and buy people's hearts.

In the end, why did he want to be an emperor?

At this point, it seems that there is no need to go deeper.

"You are a woman, naturally and the throne is not for you, but ... is it not the same as a princess now? In the status of a woman, this is already very high, isn't it?" She would not want to get a higher status ?

Pouting, she did not agree with his statement.

District princess only, what is great, she does not want to be a genius, although there are many benefits after being the princess, at the end of the day it is only  waiting to be served, the bath is also helped to put a bath water, almost the clothes to reach out, rice Zhangkou. If to speak these words, she is still relatively satisfied with the current status.

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