Chapter 99 Drinking words! (2)

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Watching Feng Tianqing waving a sword in the courtyard, um... it should be some kind of swordsmanship, but it seems a bit messy. The most important point is that if the sword swept away the flowers... The sight was very beautiful, but now the sky, the flowers, the catkins, in this dark, quiet night! Of course, exceptthe sound of the sword...

  She felt goose bumps on her body, it is very cold late at night, she doesn't wear much, and it's not good to catch a cold!

"When is he going stop playing..." Feng Jilin's thing gave him a hard blow, but it's not alrightto toss people in the middle of the night!

Can't leave him alone,nor  go back to sleep... or I will seem heartlesss...

  She circled around a bit and sat down on one side, yawning , with eyelids ready to rest, fighting sleep for a while.


The muffled sound rang, and Lan Qin Yu rapidly  blinked to see what happened, Tianqing? Going over and patted his face, no response?

I don't know if it was the effect of being drunk, or he is tired of playing with the sword. In short, he fell asleep! He fell asleep just like this! Who will bring him back?

At this time, people are sleeping, and Xiu er nad Zier went back to the house under her kindness... Looking at it, there is only her and him here! And this, he still slept so deeply!

Heaven ah! Don't always give her such a joke, it's hard to finish the errand!

Take two steps to stop, take three steps and then stop, in fact, there is not much distance. Just going to take the sword is not the same thing? But for a short distance like this, she walked for half an hour!

"A owe!"


Look for the bed, just throw him there! Anyway, his body is also very good, and will not get sick, pity her a weak little woman who had to move such a big man under the cold wind! She really wanted to scream at the sky and shout:where does justice lie ah!

Throw Tianqing to the bed, and she is too tired to sit on the floor,so she leaned against the edge of the bed and took a  big breath!

"ha , ha ...... I'm exhausted, I'm exhausted! This guy dead, causing me to work so hard, sooner or later you will let me make up for it!sigh ......"


Early next morning.

Feng Tianyun opened his eyes in exhaustion, last night... he slept very uncomfortably, and... he also wore yesterday's clothes, the wine was very strong, and his head hurts!

"What happened?" Last night... How did he get back here?

Remember... drink a lot of wine, then...

"Did Lan er help me back? Yesterday... It seems like I have said a lot to her."

After bathing and changing clothes, drinking a small cup of ginseng tea, then go to the Ningning Palace to find Qin Yu.

"Lan er is not here?"

Zier was very honest and nodded. The princess went out in the morning. As for where ... she didn't ask,and the princess didn't say anything...

"What about the Xiu er?" Zier usually have no nerves, maybe the Xiu er will know.

"She is not there. After the princess went out, Xiaodou found out that the new palace of the Seven Princess needs help."

  Yan Ruo's new palace?

By the way, the father emperor had given Yan Ruo the rainy palace a few days ago. If the princess can't live with the Queen Mother, it is not appropriate for the princess not to have her own palace.

However, "Why are you still there?"

  Zi er yelled, "You don't know your Highness, but Zier wants to go, but the Xiu er... Xiu er said, 'You are too sloppy, stay and watch the door.' So! Your Highness, you can listen. What is this?"

  Her little face was so mad, and Tianqing had to smack his mouth. In fact, he wanted to say that Xiu er's words were right, you just watch the door.

"Cough, since Lan er is not there, I will go somewhere else to find something."

"Does that need Zier to help?" It was just that watching the door was really boring, and Zier looked forward to an affirmation with watery eyes.

", no need."

You still continue to watch the door...

Zier's mouth is still very respectful: "I understand"


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