Part 24.5 (Izuku B-Day Special)

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After the sports festival was over, you decided to finally hang out with Izuku for his birthday. He didn't have time to plan a party because he was too busy focusing on school and training. So, to make sure he could say that he at least enjoyed the day of his birth you hit him up and asked him if he wanted to do something today.

Not only did you want to hang out with him for the day, but you also wanted him to have the party he deserves. That's right, you were throwing him a surprise party. Here's how you came up with the plan.

First of all, you called the Midoriya home since Izuku wasn't answering his cell or texts and found out through Inko that he went to go train or something and that he'd be back in an hour or so. You then asked her what time the party would be to which she replied that Izuku wasn't having a party. Hearing that made you feel somewhat bad.

"Aw, that's too bad. He deserves a party more than anything too..." you sighed.

"I know. It's just that Izuku has been really busy lately that he hasn't had any time to plan it with me. I'm not even sure if he wants a party." She replied.

Then the idea of throwing him a surprise party came to mind.

"I know! How about we throw him a surprise party?" You suggested.

"A surprise party? But how can we prepare in only one hour?" She questioned.

"I can ask Izuku if he wants to hang out today. That's actually what I was going to originally do anyways. But yeah, I can keep him out of the house all day while you prepare everything, heck I'll even ask my mom to go help you if she can." You explained.

Your reply made Inko happy. Of course, she'd take the offer, she wanted nothing more than for her only son to be happy. And so it was set, you were going to hang out with Izuku and keep him out of the house until everything was set up while Inko and your mom cooked and prepared everything. But before texting Izuku back (he finally messaged back a few minutes after you got off the phone with Inko) you decided to text Uraraka, Iida and some of the other classmates in 1-A and asked if they wanted to go to Izuku's party.

Uraraka and Iida were the first two to agree, everyone else replied too, some had stuff they had to do, and some were free. Even though it wasn't going to be a huge party, there were still enough people going to make it a party.

And that is how you ended up here, in the mall waiting for Izuku. You've been there for about 15 minutes and waited for 5 more until he finally showed up.

"Hey (y/n)." He greeted.

"Oh hey, there's the birthday boy~" you greeted while nudging his shoulder.

"Ah, thanks." He shyly replied.

"Now that you're here, what should we do?" You asked while looking around the mall.

"Uhhh.. maybe we should go to a bowling alley for a while?" He suggested.

"Great, let's go then!"

So off you went to the downstairs of the mall and into the bowling alley. You and Izuku were having a great time. The game was close, all you needed to do was hit the last two pins in order to win... the only problem was the pins were a 7-10 split.
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'Okay (y/n)... you could do this. Just gotta..'

"I hope you're not planning on using your quirk." Izuku interrupted your thoughts.


You had a guilty expression on your face which answered his assumptions. Izuku had a cocky smirk on his face. It surprised you seeing how competitive this literal cinnamon roll can be. This is a side of Izuku you've never seen before in all the years you've known him. Truthfully, no one has yet seen this side of him either.

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