Roomates (Jaemin)

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"What are you studying?" he asked curiously.

"Architecture.  I've always loved drawing, and I'm addicted to building things with legos.  I thought this was the path I could walk for the rest of my life."

Jaemin raised a brow, smirking at her.  "Hmmm, I can see you as a professional lego builder."

She glared at him.  "So, Jaemin, what are you studying?"

Jaemin tightened his lips in a frown.  No one ever really asked him that question, not even his group of friends.  "Do you really need to know?"

"No, I mean, you don't have to tell me," Amanda said, hanging up some pictures of her family.  "I was just wondering."

"I'm studying music."  He hoped she wasn't silently judging him.

Jaemin awkwardly pretended to find something on his phone interesting, but something about the girl had caught his interest.  Amanda wasn't like the others who was only in it to win it because he had the looks.  That made him feel a little better.  To be honest, Jaemin wasn't actually a bad boy like he looked.  The skateboard, the smirk constantly tugging at the edge of his lips- it was all a facade.  He thought that if he acted less charming and less polite, girls would stop flocking around him, but that only added fuel to the fire.

Jaemin took his seat in the back of the classroom the next day, kicking up his feet on the empty desk next to him.  The teacher walked in with Amanda next to him, and Jaemin sat up with interest.

"We have a new student.  This is Amanda Lee.  She transferred from JYP University."

Amanda politely bowed.  "It's nice to meet you all.  I'm studying architecture, so I hope I build my own niche here just like you all have."  She waited for someone to laugh at her pun, but no one did, and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.  Jaemin almost cackled, but he clamped a hand over his mouth.

  "You'll be sitting next to Jaemin in the back," the teacher told her, and Amanda furrowed her brows but walked down the aisle confidently.  

The girls cast her dirty looks, as if she were not worthy enough to sit next to the greatest bad boy of all time.  Jaemin watched as one girl stuck out her foot.  Amanda tripped over it, but vaulted into a somersault and came up standing on her two feet.  He shifted in his seat as she continued walking to her seat as if the fall hadn't phased her.

Lunchtime came around, and Amanda sat by herself at a table.  The girls stared in awe at Jaemin who walked into the cafeteria, looking for a spot to sit.  His boys stood beside him, checking out the tables until Jaemin's eyes found her.  He moved forward, his dream team following him.  They sat down at Amanda's vacant table, and she looked up in surprise.

"What?  Don't look at me like that.  This table doesn't belong to you," Jaemin snorted, but he felt bad for keeping up his bad boy personality around Amanda.

"Hyung, who is she?" Jisung asked, sitting down next to her.  

Haechan took the other side, eyeing her carefully.  "Is she the roommate you were telling us about?"

Jaemin blushed.  "None of your business."

The next few weeks, Jaemin noticed his icy cold heart melting a little more and more.  He loved being around Amanda and sharing her contagious smile.  In fact, when he wasn't with her, he felt so empty inside.  

Tonight, Jaemin had whipped up a surprise.  It was Amanda's birthday, and the poor girl had had exams all day.  That was no way to spend her special day.  Jaemin couldn't bake, and Amanda was very well aware of that, but Jaemin has asked his friends to help him bake a beautiful purple cake for her surprise birthday party.  

Amanda walked into the dorm room, exhausted and mentally done.  The lights were off, and she kicked off her shoes, collapsing on her bed.  But just as her head hit the pillow, Jaemin and his dream team jumped out of nowhere singing the happy birthday song. 

Jaemin walked towards her holding the purple cake, and Amanda teared up while blowing out the candles.  The guys helped her finish the cake but left soon because of other "excuses."

Amanda was in the process of cleaning up when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist from behind.  She could smell Jaemin's cologne and felt his warm breath by her ear.

"I'm sorry I gave you a hard time when you first got here.  But meeting someone as genuine and cool as you really made me realize some things."

Amanda turned around, and Jaemin led her over to the small sofa where they sat down, still in each other's embrace.

"I realized I should be my genuine self, too.  Not some bully that everyone steers clear of.  Thank you for helping me see that."  He kissed her gently on the forehead, and Amanda smiled.

She could stay like this forever.  Being Jaemin's roommate had been the greatest thing that had ever happened to her.    


A/N: Thanks joshuas_eggtarts913 for requesting this!  I can't imagine being roommates with a guy let alone Jaemin.  

I just finished my first year at college and had like the awesomest roommate ever.  We were really shy around each other and didn't talk much at first, but now, we can't live without each other haha.  I remember one time, we were both trying to write our papers, and we kept getting distracted by memes, and we ended up staying up until 3 AM.  Do you guys have any funny roommate stories???? 

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