Roomates (Jaemin)

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A/N: So this request is slightly different from the usual format.  It's written in third person, and the character's name is Amanda.  Hope you enjoy this one!


Amanda lugged her suitcase into the room, the door slamming shut behind her.  SM Academy was her dream university, and finally, she was here.  Except... there was one condition.  Her roommate was a boy.  She told her parents about the situation, and surprisingly, they had told her to go for it.  They knew their daughter was reasonable and wouldn't be more than a roommate to the boy.  Amanda was glad her parents trusted her.  She just hoped she and the boy got along well.

He wasn't in the room at the moment, but his clothes were stacked in a chair as if he had made some effort to clean up by moving them off the floor.  

Since Amanda was new at SM Academy and had entered in the middle of the semester, she didn't really have friends.  She headed down to the lobby and sat down at a table, watching students walk in and out.  

"You look new," a new voice said, and Amanda jumped in surprise.  "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.  I'm Kim Jongin, but I go by Kai."

Amanda could barely look him in the eyes.  Kai was incredibly handsome.  Guys like that never talked to her.  

"I'm Amanda.  I transferred here today."  She continued staring at the floor.

"Why don't I show you around?" Kai offered.

Amanda was about to refuse, but then again, she didn't know where anything was, and if someone was offering her help, she should be grateful.  She nodded slowly and followed Kai across the campus.  

They were walking on the sidewalk when a guy on a skateboard appeared out of nowhere and shoved Kai aside to get by.  Amanda wasn't thrilled.

"You should watch where you're going.  Someone could get hurt," she warned him.  The boy put his foot down to stop his board.  He squinted his eyes and pulled the pink lollipop out of his mouth before smirking and heading on his way.  

"Who was that?" she asked.

"Oh, you don't wanna mess with him.  That's Na Jaemin, SM Academy's bad boy.  He's got a squad.  There's Jisung, Chenle, Jeno, Renjun, Haechan, and Mark, but Jaemin is kinda the leader.  You should steer clear of him."

Amanda nodded in agreement.  "Yeah, he seems like trouble."  She waved bye to Kai and headed back to her dorm.  All that walking around had tired her out.  She could already feel the warm embrace of her bed, but that nice image was shattered when she opened the door to her room.  On the other bed that been empty when she left sat a boy on his phone.  His black and red skateboard was propped up against the wall.  She heard him bite down on his pink lollipop as he looked up and met her irritated eyes.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he got up from his bed.  He stepped closer to her, and when he was about to touch Amanda's face, she grabbed his arm, twisting it and pinning it behind his back.

"Ah!  It hurts!" Jaemin groaned, wriggling under her grasp.

Amanda let go, staring him down with an amused expression.  It was funny to see the bad boy look so scared.

"I have a blackbelt in taekwondo," she told him nonchalantly.  "Try anything, and I'll slice you into kimchi with my own hands."

He gulped hard and turned around, collapsing on his bed again.  Clearing his throat, he got up the nerves to ask her some questions.  "So, why'd you transfer?  I mean, like, which university did you come from?"

Amanda was in the process of unpacking when he asked.  "I came from JYP University, but SM has more programs I'm interested in.  I was so relieved when I found out I could come here."

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