Chapter 98 Drinking words! (1)

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On the night Lan Qin Yu returned to the palace, a small celebration was held at the Ningning Palace.

The participants were Feng Lianche, and his little followers, Xiao douxi,Xiu er,Zier, and Feng Tianqing who did not want to come to this cheerful atmosphere. Lan Qin Yu also wanted to find Mo Yun and Qing Xun, and Qing who saved her twice, but ... they seem to be dealing with Feng Jilin matter in the military camp outside the city, in short... Busy people, no time!

Lan Qin Yu found a few small eunuchs who were usually in charge at the Ningning Palace to help with the handling and preparation work. Some delicious things were placed in the yard, but they were specially made by the masters of the imperial kitchen. The color of the dishes!

Usually, the eunuchs who have less dealings with Lan Qin Yu, some can't open their hands(??), and Lan Qin Yu makes Zier and the Xiao douxi seat, to finally they have a better relationship. When she was a kid, she had some problems with eating. After a while, he would like to ask her if she had been injured in the past few days, whether she was sleeping well, whether she had a good drink or not.

After the whole celebration, she couldn't take a good rest, because she knew that he was worried about her, and he has no way to ask her...

When she arrived to seat, everyone was scattered. It took a long time to arrive there, and the way to count the days was also ancient. It was almost 10 o'clock when the things in the yard were collected. Xiu er and Zi er went to the imperial kitchen to help the masters do the aftermath of the feast, leaving only the Lan Qin Yu and Tianqing sitting on the stone table outside.

All night, Feng Tianqing sat here quietly drinking. At first, she thought that Tianqing was not used to playing with the people, but... a few hours passed, he was still drinking, only to understand ...he is drinking too much.

This means that he has troubles?

Didn't the problem solved during the day? What else can he do?

"Tianqing, you seem to have drunk a lot today... It's too late,why don't you stop?"

Tianqing did not answer her words, but just started talking on his own.

"Do you know that when I was very young, he was very good to me, unlike now... unlike... now..."

......he? Which one is he?

"Is the emperor's seat so attractive to him?... Since he started listening to the political affairs, he had become more and more cold to me..."

  He is talking about Fen JiLin? It turns out... they have had a good relationship...

Feng Tianqing drank another cup and laughed at himself. "At that time, I always followed him. I used to go find him. I went to see him when I was playing.

But... he has been fascinated by the rights, and he meets with the minister who are flattering all day, after which... I couldn't find him anymore..."

"Why not?"

"My good brother  had disappeared. The rest is only the first prince who wants to inherit the emperor's throne. Feng Jilin. I went to his palace to find him, and I was always stopped by the guards, saying that his highness is working with The minister negotiated state affairs and was not allowed to disturb anyone. State affairs? Oh, once I was looking for my own brother and  would be smashed by this reason!"

The things on the table were swept away by him, adding a burst of noisy sounds on the otherwise silent night,  Tian Qing shook his body and stood up.

"Lan er, bring me 'Qing Yu'."

Qing Yu... What is the sword? What did he want to do in the middle of the night?

"What do you do with it, you are drunk..."

Feng Tianqing squinted and smiled. "Am I crazy? I am going crazy, haha! Lan er... hurry, bring me the sword..."

Don't point to her nose! How rude!

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