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Hanging out

The next day at school jisung wasn't being himself he kept thinking on why does he have weird feelings toward minho?.....

Honestly he didn't know why or what it was...it was a new feeling he never felt before...he felt like something tickling in his stomach...sometimes he would feel his cheeks burning...

What was all of that about? He just want to know what it is..but he can't ask his hyungs can he?..

Because who know what they would do..they might tease him? Hate him? Honestlt he didn't want to know the possibilities.

God how much he wanted to know what those feelings are and what it's leading him to..but all he thought was 'fuck it...maybe it's for this week or so'...he just thinked positively and smiled.


"Hyung wanna hang out after school?"

Seungmin asked curiously.

"Yea sure why not..but where?"

"Umm...you like arcades?..maybe we could go eat after?"

Seungmin asked not sure about what he said but earning a nod from jisung

"I love arcades and food? Hell yea I'll go"

Jisung said smiling widely.

When jisung walked to class he spotted minho getting that tickly feeling and all minho did was titling his head confused.

"Jisung??...did something happen because you look happy today"

The older asked curiously.

"Yea I'll hangout with seungmin"

Jisubg said earning a small nod from minho and immediately sat on his desk again.

And so all day minho didn't talk to jisung the younger felt sad but he also wondered why?..but he just shrugged the thought away


After school jisung abd seungmin left to the arcade and played none stop and even seungmin got jisung a squirrel plushie which Made the older happy.

And so they played till they got bored and left to a food corner to eat food jisung bought burgers (the pic up lolz) and seungmin just ate whatever he could.

After they ate they walked to a park and sat there

"Hey hyung....i like someone and..i don't know what i should do..I'm kinda scared.."

Seungmin said...

"Confess to him..let him know that u love him..and only him..it's what u have to do..if u don't tell him soon..he might leave for someone who's better"

Jisung said fake smiling feeling hurt because of what seungmin said..

Jisung just hoped...he hoped that that person was him...he loved seungmin and wanted him...but why does he think about minho now..why suddenly..

Why does he have those weird feelings...could he be inlove with him??

No..it can't be we're just friends and only friends nothing more..jisung thought smiling lightly...but suddenly he saw seungmin leaning closer...

But little did he know that someone saw everything they did...

New chapter yay...can u guess who saw them??

It's easy..but..wks who is it..

Anyways hope u enjoyed this chapter ( ^∇^)

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