chapter twenty-five ; end times

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june. 2010

"Uhn..." Finn groaned while fluttering his eyes open. He was instantly blinded by an extremely bright light. He tried to move but his hands and ankles were restrained. His heart began to speed up a bit as he started to freak out.

"Hello Finn." A male voice said from above. Finn squinted and did his best to make out who it was. It took him about ten seconds before he realized that it was Dom and they were in the middle of the dessert, in the middle of nowhere.

Finn was quickly trying to remember what on earth had happened. All he remembered was being at the lab, Millie leaving to go home, cleaning up a bit, and then absolutely nothing after that. Although he did have a nasty headache, so he assumed that Dom must've conked him out and then tied him up and brought him to the dessert.

"What's going on...?" He asked sheepishly. He had absolutely no power in the situation so he wanted to be extra careful.

Dom let out a small chuckle. "Why did you not tell me that your uncle is in the D.E.A?"

Finn opened his mouth to speak but then decided it'd probably best to simply say nothing. He honestly thought that Dom probably already knew although he had a feeling that if he said that, it wouldn't end well.

"He came to my house yesterday. Apparently Marvin White had a journal that contained my phone number, information about the lab, and more information about the business." The man explained.

The curly haired boy let out a sigh and tried to sit up a bit. "I'm sorry, okay? I promise that he won't be a problem."

Dom smirked and shook his head slightly. "You are correct, he won't be a problem because he is going to be dead."

Poor Finn felt like his heart stopped. He loved his uncle a lot and the thought of him being killed was quite scary.

"You can't do that..." He muttered while beginning to breath heavier.

The older man walked over to him and knelt down a bit so that they were making eye contact. Finn could see the anger in Dom's eyes. Dom was an insane person and Finn knew that he wasn't scared to simply kill someone, he proved that when he slit Caleb's throat.

"If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter."

"I will kill Millie."

"I will kill your parents."

"I will kill your sisters."

With that, Dom reached into his pocket and tossed Finn a small knife. He then turned around and walked over to his car where Mike was waiting for him.

Finn was tired, overheated, and really scared. He flopped around a bit until he was able to get a grip on the jack knife. He carefully cut the rope that was binding his wrists and then he did the same to the rope that was around his ankles.

Whenever he stood up his legs were a bit shaky, mainly because he'd been sitting in a very uncomfortable position for so long. He looked around for a bit until he saw a road sign. As fast as he could, he ran toward the sign.

He had to get home.

He had to fix the mess that he'd created.


Finn walked into the house and leaned plopped down onto the floor, completely out of breath. He'd been running for nearly three miles and walking for another four. The poor boy could barely feel his legs.

"Finn, where have you been?" His mother, Karen, asked him. He opened his mouth to speak but he was too tired to speak.

"I... Maybe..." He panted. Slowly but surely he got onto his feet and started to walk into the kitchen where his parents and Natalia were standing..

"We haven't been on a vacation in a long time." Finn said suddenly. Natalia's heart skipped a beat. She had a very bad feeling about what her younger brother was going to say or suggest.

Karen chuckled and cocked her head in confusion. "That's a bit of a random thing to say."

Her son was getting ready to talk again but Natalia firmly grabbed his arm and began to drag him out of the kitchen. When they got to the living room she continued to pull him toward her bedroom. About a minute later, they were in her bedroom with the door shut.

"What the hell is going on?" She asked while getting quite close to his face. She been very paranoid for a matter of months and Finn's odd antics weren't helping her nerves.

Finn backed up a bit and swallowed hard. "Nothing... I mean... It's gonna be fine. I just think that we should be careful." He did his best to explain without causing her even more worry. He didn't want to blatantly tell her that a psycopathic druglord threatened to kill them all.

"I don't believe you." She responded in a somber tone. Seeing his sister sad made Finn sad. He'd done so much to hurt her and he obviously didn't mean any of it to harm her.

"Everything will be okay, I promise."

Unfortunately for Finn, he didn't know if he was going to be able to keep that promise.

* * * *

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