Chapter 21: What happens at Parties, Stays at Parties

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Mason’s POV

I’m staring at the ceiling as I lay across my bed; both arms and legs wide spread. I’m not tired if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m just happy. I picked up my phone as I heard it rang, I looked at it to see James’ name flashing on the screen. I sighed as I answered it.

“What?” I asked.

“Please tell me you’re on your way because I can’t take another nagging from Kevin.” He said in one breath. It’s noisy in the other end of the line. Why is he asking me if I’m on my way?

“Isn’t Kevin away for college?” Kevin’s his older brother. As you would’ve probably guessed, we’re close to him. He’s the one that gave us our first beer, took us out on a club and lit our first cigarette.

“Are you high or did you have brain damage? It’s my 21st birthday asshole!” I heard Kevin in the background followed by cheers and laughter.

“You’re on speaker.” James said. Well, that explains it.

“The nerd’s already here. You’re the only one missing.”  

“Who’re you calling a nerd?” I heard Tyler’s voice.

“Fine. I’m on my way.”

“You better be!” Kevin’s voice is the last one I heard as I ended the call.

I stood up the bed and marched down the stairs only to be stopped by my father who’s closing the front door. He raised a hand up as he saw me.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“You’re home early.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

”James’ house. It’s Kevin’s birthday.” I said.

“Kevin’s away for college.” He furrowed his brows.

“He’s home tonight, they just called.”

He stood there for a moment, eyeing me.

“Fine. If you got drunk, spend the night there.”

“Yes father.” I sarcastically said, gave him a salute and walked pass him and out the door. What is up with my dad tonight? He never asks me that type of stuff before. He’s usually cool with it, but then again, Kevin’s not the nicest influence on me.


“There he is!” Kevin said as I walked in. He stood from where he’s sitting and gave me a hug. “How’s it going buddy? Are you successfully fulfilling my position as the town’s bad boy?”

“Nice to see you too Kevs.” He handed me his glass.

“Come, I’ll introduce you to my friends.” Based on his voice and the way he’s acting, I’d say he’s a bit drunk. I was only sugar coating it, he’s a lot drunk.

We approached the place where he was sitting previously.

“Guys, this is Mason.” He puts an arm around me. “He’s the mayor’s son, pretty much gets away with anything because of his Dad.” His other hand pats my chest. I raised the glass I’m holding and gave them a smile as a greeting.

He took your place as the town’s bad boy? Doesn’t look like it. ” a brunette said. I think she’s insulting me but doesn’t seem like it by the way she’s eyeing me like I’m candy or some food she wants to devour. I guess it’s her way of flirting.

“Easy there Caitlin.” I glanced to my left and saw James and Tyler sitting at the other side of the room. I released myself from Kevin’s arm and made my way to them.

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