•how you met•

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•At a record studio
• Bumped into eachother, and she accidentally spilt coffee on you and you were like 'BITCH?' and she offered to get you coffee with her.
•yall were cute :)



•Was at a concert
•she saw you looking all cute nd boujie and shii and she absolutely thought you looked gorgeous, so she offered to buy you a drink cause why not :)
•you thought she/he was gonna be creepy asf, but I guess not
•yall were like... the best "couple" there.


Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova:

•you were at a her gig
•she saw you in the crowd and pointed you out cause you are very beautiful and gorgeous (and don't let anyone tell you differently)
•"look at this gorgeous girl up here" "whats your name doll?"
"I have a wonderful idea, uuuuu should come back stage, after the show ;)"



• At beauty school
•he was the only guy in class
•you guys started getting feelings for eachother when you guys started helping eachother with assignments and projects.
• it took a while to find out he liked you...
(I might make a imagine about this one ^^)



•met her at a club
•she was so gorgeous and she saw you staring
"hey, you look live you've seen a ghost" "you alright?"
•"haha yah, but I didnt see a ghost, I saw an angel" *looks at her* *MAD CRUSHING LIKE WTF*
Yall hit it off instantly



•at a house party
•your friend (ybf/n) was friends with aaaa loooot of drag queens
•"hey! Y/n! Come, lemme introduce u to a friend!" "y/n this is Aquaria, Aquaria this is y/n"
•yall talked the whole entire time and eventually she drove you home sense everyone else was to drunk to drive you home. She was the sweetest. :)



•in this your bestfriends with Katya
• she was a friend of a friend and she thought you were gorgeous (cause you are ;)
•she was originally nervous to talk to you, but soon enough she warmed up to you :) (and had a major crush on u)

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