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*two years earlier*

June 29th 1:35am
Mara, I have loved you. I now love you. I will love you. Forever and always. x

'I love you too Haechan.' I whispered.

He had written me a book of notes for me, some a few words or lines others whole pages and some not even notes but drawings.

There was one note that had doodles all around it and a photo of the two of us sitting on the floor in my empty room and was dated to last night at midnight.

June 29th 00:00am
Someone once said that light is found in the darkest of places, so I cast my salvation in a brown eyed girl.
When I looked into those eyes I not only found light; I found love.
A love that cannot be described using even the most beautiful of words.
A love that cannot be described other than a million happy feelings at once.
In those eyes I not only found light I found a hope that kept me going.
So yes, light can be found in the darkest of places but in the salvation I cast in those eyes, I found a love that lasts a lifetime.

I broke down in tears knowing that I may never see his smile again or feel the warmth of his lips on mine or see his eyes light up or feel his hand intertwined in mine.

I took out my phone and texted him despite only having left fifteen minutes ago and within seconds a reply came through.

I miss you already

Hyuck ❤️
I'm still standing here, half hoping you'll come back but I know you won't.

Stop you're making me sad,, I'll FaceTime you a soon as I can. 💞

Hyuck ❤️
That time can't come quick enough.

I love you

Forever and always.

Hyuck ❤️
I love you too Mara

Hyuck ❤️
Forever and always.

Forever and always.

I missed writing this too much so I'm back again,,

Short prologue to get this new book started.

This is the sequel to rude so if you haven't read that already I might suggest reading it as this book could reference things that happened in that book that you may not understand otherwise. But do whatever you want.

Happy reading!

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