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February 9th, 2008.

"You do a lot of sit-ups." Dr. Carlisle Cullen stated, his cold hands causing a shiver to run up my spine as he inspected the bruised and caloused skin.

I nodded my head with pursed lips not knowing what to say exactly, "Umm, yeah."

Dr. Cullen was my new doctor at Forks hospital since my old one decided to transfer to a hospital in Florida. I was a bit upset when he left, he was the only docter who wouldn't tell me bullshit about what I was going through, thought as he put it, "I'm getting old! I need good weather to warm my bones!"

"It wasn't a question. That's where you get these bruises on your spine." He responded, backing me into an awkward silence once again.

"Take a deep breath. Let it out. Again. And one more." He timed, moving the stephoscope around my back as I did what he said.

He walked in front of me and offered a comforting smile, "When was the last time you got your period?"

My head rolled back in uncomfortablity and harsh thought, trying to remember, "God."

"A long time ago?" Dr. Cullen suggested with a raised eyebrow.

I looked at him and pursed my lips, "..Yea. I don't feel... that unhealthy, you know? If I wanna be thin, don't they say that that's better? I'll outlive the normies."

He came forward and grabbed my arm examining the hair on it without saying anything, he stepped back and cleared his throat, "I talk to kids like you all day, every day. You're not thin. You scare people. And I'm guessing you like that. I'm going to treat you but I need to know if you are gonna try, need to know if you have any interest in living."

"Good speech." I stated in a monotone voice, kicking me fuzzy socks clad feet back and forth.

"Well? Are you interested in living? This is gonna be harder than expected." He replied with a complete seious face.

I looked down at my feet, thinking how to word this correctly, "It's.. not that I'm not interested in living, I don't see the point of it."

"I mean we're all gonna die eventually whether from a car, gun, or anything else.. but either way there is no point to this, to me being here. And frakily I don't care to see the point." I finished looking at him, my pale face void of emotion.

Carlisle, ignoring my chick-flick moment gave me three papers and a notebook, "You will come in once a week for weigh ins, those papers are your scheduled dates and from here on out I want you to write down what you eat and why you ate it."

I look at him confusingly, "..What?"

"I know it's not ethical but neither am I, consider this your homework." Carlisle suggested as he put his white coat back on and held out his hand, "It was a pleasure meeting you Charlotte, tell your father I said hello."

I leaned my cold hand forward and shook his before he left the room. I hopped off the hospital sheeting and got dressed in my multiple layers.

I heard a knock on the door as I pulled my oversized dark green sweater over my frame. I looked at the door, grabbed my bag and walked out of the room seeing Charlie standing against the wall next to it.

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