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Once we had been released after a few hours, we all gathered outside in the carpark, trying to figure out a way to get home. 

We had no way of getting home unless we walked - which was too far from the station especially at this time of the night, or get the public bus.

Sweet Pea walked up beside me, putting an arm around my shoulder as I spoke to Hailey and a few other girls. They all smirked and gave me a wink before walking off in different directions, following the group. 

"Wanna go back to your house?" Pea whispers in my ear, his voice sending chills down my spine. I shivered under his touch. Nodding my head we silently walked off in the direction of the bus stop that would take us to my house.

His arm was still around my shoulder as we walked along side the road. I had so many thoughts, and questions and feelings and worries I needed to ask Pea about. I had so many, that they  started to produce even more.

Pea noticed my silence was different, as he pulled me closer to his side and placed a kiss on top of my head. "What's wrong?" 

His voice was so low and husky in the dark summer night. I loved it - how mysterious yet so romantic it was.

I shook my head while my eyes watched my bright yellow Converse shoes kick the pebble. We fell silent again, enjoying the silence and company. 


Once we arrived to my house, we decided to climb the roof and sit above, outlooking the town  while smoking on a packet of cigarettes. It was silent but we loved it, the chill music playing through my phone as we watched the stars shine high above us.

I decided to ask him now all of my questions. What better time then to sit on a roof,  watching time slowly fade by as you smoke away.

"So, why did you want to ask me to be your girlfriend?" I blurted out. The atmosphere became quiet again as the next shuffled on. Sweet Pea sighed which made me nervous.

He inhaled the cigarette and exhaled, the smoke drifting off in the cool breeze. He smiled as he looked down in his lap before tuning to me.

"Want the long version or the short version?" He smiled, butterflies erupting in my stomach from his gorgeous smile. "The long, detailed and romantic version." I smirked making him laugh a little. 

"Well, I fell in love with your eyes and smile at first sight and how your laugh could make a boy go crazy. Then I had a crush on your personality by the time we were having long three a.m conversations infused with iced coffees and your not-so-funny jokes. And then, I fell head-over-heels in love with you as time progressed. I fell for both the good and the bad and everything in between." Sweet Pea confessed, his words bring tears of joy and admiration to my eyes.

As he spoke more about how I made him feel, and how he never thought he could love someone so strongly, my heart skipped beats and my head spun. I never in all my wild dreams would have expected someone to talk and praise me the way he is right now.

I believed it only happened in the movies. When the boy goes completely crazy for the girl.  But right now, sitting on a rooftop with this beautifully damaged boy who drove too fast on his motorcycle, and broke the law countless times and smoked weed like it was healthy for him, made all those impossible thoughts feel possible.

"I selfishly wanted you all to myself. I hated the thought and possibility of you with another guy. Someone better then me.  And when I kissed you the other night, I knew exactly why I wanted you more then ever. I really, really, really like you Amelia."

I was at a loss for words. My throat dried up at his words, causing none to come out of mine. I looked down at my feet tucked underneath mine, the rips on my jeans expanding slightly. 

I had no idea wha to say. So instead I leaned over, looking him in his eyes filled with lust and love, and then down to his lips. I closed my eyes and kissed him, those feelings from last time swirling back again. 

He kissed back. Slow and passionate, all meaningful.  It was beautiful, like the movie kind of  beautiful. The delicate flower beautiful. The sounds of a rainforest beautiful. The Audrey Hepburn beautiful. 

Sweet Pea placed his hands on my lower back and pulled me on his lap, my legs wrapping around his waist so perfectly. The kiss intensified as he deepened it, becoming more meaningful and sexy.


"I want pizza." I sighed as I laid on Pea's bare chest while we shared a cigarette. Pea agreed through a soft shoulder kiss. "What's open at three thirty in the morning though?" Pea laughed as we realised our late night cravings might not be possible. 

"Wanna go on an adventure to see what is?" I asked, wanting to move out of my spot on the roof. Sitting for such a long time period made my whole body go numb. Well, it was until some recent events occurred.

Sweet Pea started to move from under me, his arms pushing me off him gently. He buttoned his shirt and collected his belongings. I looked at him confused and sad, worried I had said or done something wrong.

"Aren't we going for three am pizza?" He smirked at my confused expression. A smile appeared on my lips and I quickly redressed myself before climbing down the roof with Sweet's assistance. 

Once we had reached the grass underneath us, we headed off in the direction of the town square, in hopes of finding something opened. 

"Maybe we could drink our hunger away? I know the tiny liquor store on the corner is open, twenty four hours." I spoke softly as we walked under the yellow street light. "You know I never turn alcohol." Sweet Pea responded with a giddy smile. 

I gently placed my fingers within his, our hands having a special reaction. I started to skip along the pathway, my life feeling so calm and relaxed at this moment with the boy who I've crushed hard on for the longest time. 

"Mila, I'm not Fangs, ok. I don't skip." Pea whined as we turned the corner where the liquor store was established. It was bright against the dark night, the red flashing 'open' sign on the window with the bright white light from inside.

Walking inside, we decided on a bottle of tequila, believing it would bring the perfect ending to a flawless night.

Opening the bottle and drinking it straight, we walked back down the street to my house. We laughed at each others drunk moves and comments, finding complete bliss and happiness in it.

Once we had arrived back home, we made our best attempts of crawling through the window quietly to my room, making sure not to wake my family up. As we fell through the window, we laughed quietly at each other before our lips pulled us closer, exchanging a gentle kiss.

This was everything I wanted and hoped for. A romantic, movie-like night, with a boy who was oh-so-perfect.



Yeah, decided to come back and give this a shot again, after everyone kept saying how much y'all loved it so, here.

I hope you enjoyed, and love you all.

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