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"Can you handle yourself, Wilder?" Tony cryptically asked pouring me a drink, his deep, honey eyes intently scanning the dark liquid pouring into the crystal glass

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"Can you handle yourself, Wilder?" Tony cryptically asked pouring me a drink, his deep, honey eyes intently scanning the dark liquid pouring into the crystal glass.

"We shall see, and that's little shit to you." I corrected with a raised brow, pointing my index finger towards the billionaire who seemed so sure of the answer to his previous question. "Is this the best you've got?" I confidently laughed while letting the remaining content glide smoothly down my throat, savoring it's silky residue on my tongue.

"Let's see if the fair maiden can handle this!" Thor exclaimed resting his elbow atop the bar side, pulling a small bottle, containing foreign contents, from his jacket pocket.

"No!" Steve interjected impulsively gripping my forearm which sent my previously occupied gaze shoot up to Steve's; my lips finding it nearly impossible not to curve into a smile after observing his visage washed with embarrassment. After attentively observing Steve and Thor's quiet conversation I decided not to try his mysterious drink, instead, I settled with downing every one of Tony's concoctions. All while Peter leaned against the sofa with his arms crossed, only wishing he could try a taste.

"Damn, little shit. I'm almost impressed." Tony shrugged as I started to become a bit tipsy, my senses slowly becoming numbed to their surroundings. Nevertheless I continued drinking, feeling like I deserved this, after all, it's not everyday one gets to drink with Tony Stark. The entire team gladly took part in the many, many drinks Stark concocted and before I knew it they were as loose and laid back as limp noodles. Even the un-phased gods and super soldier seemed to be enjoying themselves and engaged in the boisterous laughter which echoed throughout the entire house.

"Alright, Stark. That's enough from you." Steve stated motioning for the billionaire to stop with open palms after observing my current state, his eyes flickering from the lines of empty glasses to my murmurs of little nothings.

"N-no I'm f-fine." I slurred while firmly holding onto the bar side trying to succumb to my limp figure trying to collapse.

"I've only been gone 20 minutes, what the hell?" Bucky's scoffed while his deep, echoing voice immediately pulled my attention towards the source of the luring sound.

"Tony-" I began trying to refocus my surroundings pulsating in and out of focus while I dragged my numbed legs behind me in the attempt to walk towards him; resulting in me tripping over myself before the conclusion of my explanation.

"Yep, and that's all I need to hear." He laughed catching me from a nasty spill, my body momentarily flinching at the feeling of his warm, secure grip lingering in my skin. "She's here one night and you've already gotten her drunk." He added glaring daggers towards Stark.

"What can I say, it's a gift." Tony sarcastically shrugged with a mischievous smirk working its way onto his lips.

"I'm not drunk you asshat, I'm fine." I unconvincingly explained with furrowed brows while waving my arms above my head, which I thought would aid in solidifying my point; Bucky's available hand finding itself still delicately snaked around my petite waist.

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