[48: Bus Driver]

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The bus stopped and you sighed in relief. This was the last bus back home and you almost missed it. The doors took some time to open and the driver kept staring at you. You looked behind and saw a few passengers and thought, at least there are people accompanying me.

You boarded the but the card reader at the entrance kept saying you had already tapped in. You raised an eyebrow but felt tired so you decided to figure it out tomorrow. Plus, it was 11.45pm.

Everyone in the bus stared at you weirdly. The moment you sat down, th lights went out. You gasped. Then you heard shuffling. You were too caught up in the moment to hear the doors opening. The driver must have opened the doors to let everyone out.

But by the time you got up, the doors closed and you heard someone chuckle close to you.

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