Some things are hard to say

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Uff, I realize slowly that it was an OS that I had planned, since many things happen quite quickly, as actually good, but I can't help. I still have so much to write and so many other ideas that I find it difficult to rebuild everything completely: / So please forgive me, if some things happen really fast, but first and foremost I want to come to the next part, where it gets more exciting :)

However, have fun with Chapter 7.

Chapter 7: Some things are hard to say

Two weeks had passed after this incident with Katsuki. Eijirou had tried to process things, had tried to understand, but it didn't help. His mood was bad, he couldn't focus on his work, so Momo had taken him aside once and talked him, asking what was going on, and he had told her that he got some private stress. The black-haired had taken it so well and meant that he should take a few days off when he felt so bad, but he shouldn't look at the customers as if he was about to burst into tears.

Eijirou was upset. He had not intended to worry his boss, or act negatively on the clientele, and had pulled himself together. His friends and the rehearsals he had rather less visited at that time on the reasons that he just had some stress at work, because the winter season started and stuff like that. They didn't believe him, but apparently they accepted that he needed some time for himself. Kyoka probably already suspected something. The young woman was always very smart and realised quickly when something was wrong with him. Even Denki did not have that much sensitivity. But time alone had not accomplished what he had hoped for. As soon as he was alone, his thoughts wandered back to that day, when he had learned the bitter truth.

He could not believe it. Still, he was totally overwhelmed with his feelings. He had overreacted, he was aware of that. He had been just so angry in this situation. Angry and really disappointed. He had thought that Katsuki trusted him more ... on the other hand ... how would he have reacted if he had heard it from him and not by spying? Would it have changed something? He probably wouldn't have been so mad. It had upset him that this guy, Katsuki had talked to, knew so much and Eijirou? He still didn't know anything. The thing about Toshi was the droplet that overflowed the barrel. Especially, since Katsuki had known that he had been sad because of that for a long time. Even if they were not known at the time ... Eijirou somehow wished that the blonde had said something there. //What am I thinking? Katsuki has never talked about things like that ... there's no reason for him to start it now? // Probably he had even guessed that it would end like that and therefore did not say anything.

Eijirou sighed heavily. //How can we fix this...Katsu?// Eijirou wanted to fix it, that much was clear to him. He still loved Katsuki. There were no doubt about that and he missed the blonde terribly, after only two weeks, without contact. Shit, he really was totally in love with him. But he didn't know how to confront him. How should he talk to Katsuki? He was still confused and, at the same time, worried that Katsuki would tore him down, because of this shit, after they finally got close. On top of that, he felt guilty because of this terrible word he told him.

He won't forget the expression on Katsukis face...this unknown expression beside of anger... Eijirou had never seen him like this before. But this expression was in Katsukis eyes and Eijirou's heart contracted and hurt. He would like to undo everything so that none of this would have happened. He would rather remain ignorant...//No, that's not true...//, he interrupted his own dark thoughts. //It's better that everything turned out...but why had Toshi to die? Why, Katsu?// Eijirou wanted to know the reason. He wanted to understand, wanted to understand the blonde. But first, that had to be settled between them again.

He had said the totally wrong things because he had simply been guided by his emotions. //Shit ...// He wanted to cry. The ringing of his smartphone tore him out of his thoughts. As he reached for his smartphone, he saw Denki's picture on the display. He sighed heavily again before picking up and making a soft "Yo, Bro." "Oh my, Eiji, you sound awful," he heard Denki on the other side. "Charming, Denki...", he said with a heavy sigh and closed his eyes briefly.

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