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"How to break it to him. How do I break it to him? It isn't possible. He won't believe me. He'll think it's a joke." Tony paced backwards and forwards. He didn't understand it himself, and he was a genius, how was poor Steve going to take it? Steve would probably take it well though. He was more open minded to things than Tony, especially since practically everything is new to him.

In the end, Tony decided that he couldn't tell Steve. He got it into his head that Cap would not take it well.

Steve walked in and went straight to Tony.

"Hey handsome." He said, wrapping his arms around him. He knew something was off when Tony was slow at wrapping his arms back. It was almost like Tony didn't want to hold him. "What's the matter?" 

"Nothing." Tony said, getting out of his grip, "I'm going to my lab. Don't disturb me."

Steve frowned. He had been away for a couple of weeks on a mission and Tony hadn't seen him since then. He hadn't even said 'Hi' to him. Now he definately knew something was off. 

--------------------------------------------------------In Da Past-------------------------------------------------------

Tony held onto Pepper and smiled. She looked at him unamused. 

"Tony get off me. I'm too tired for this." She said. It was only 2 in he after room. Tony didn't understand why she was tired.

"Why don't we take a nap together then?" He suggested.

"I will take a nap. But not with you." She said, "You're the reason I'm tired." 

Pepper was usually so calm, but since she landed back in New York a week ago, she hadn't had any sleep because Tony had night terrors all the time. It was terrible.

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