Chapter Fifty Two ~ Demolition

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The genin were dirty, their clothes were torn to pieces, and they'd long since run out of rations. Luckily, between Kento, Michiko, and Aisa's knowledge, they knew the difference from what was safe to eat and what would immediately send them into convulsions. But with both the dangers of the forest and my attacks weighing on them, they'd begun wearing incredibly, incredibly thin.

Which is why I wasn't surprised to see Michiko, who was supposed to be on watch, begin dozing off. She wasn't truly asleep, but it was enough that her guard was down and reflexes were slowed.

Which was too bad, seeing as they were about to be attacked by a tiger.


They hadn't slept for fifty hours. It was clear to me that they were cracking apart, mentally, physically, and emotionally. They'd recently found a stream that I'd allowed them to spend eight hours by, eating their fill of fish and drinking their fill of water.

There was an awkward moment between the three when they decided to wash in the river but weren't willing to separate. Luckily, necessity overtook propriety.

Then, without remorse, I chased them away.


It took awhile, but they finally realized that they needed to go on the offensive. I had what they needed to end this exercise, and I wasn't about to be at a disadvantage when I chose to harry them in the middle of the night.

They would never be able to track me on their own, even with Michiko's chakra sensitivity, so I decided to make another appearance, in a clear field with a lot of advantageous terrain.

Kento was the first to attack, with taijutsu. Sparring an opponent whose strongest suit was hand to hand combat? Especially when it wasn't his strongest?

I was excited to see just what my genin had up their sleeves.

He attempted to grab for the bells that were tied to the edge of a kunai knife, tucked into my weapons pouch.

I drew my twin blades and swung down, preventing him from getting the bells, and causing him to create a distance between us. He drew his own samurai sword out and came directly at me again, launching his sword at the nape of my neck.

I countered easily and twisted my sword to manipulate his into the air, and knocking him aside.

Michiko appeared from above, holding the sword that I'd knocked out of Kento's hand, and swung down hard-- with the intent to kill.

I grabbed the hilt of the sword in her hand casually, and her eyes widened in slight fear as she realized what I was about to do.

In a swift motion, I pressed down onto two pressure points behind her ankles, and threw her with force onto the other side of the clear. Not in a way that would cause her severe damage to vital organs, but to non vital areas of the body. And she certainly would not be walking for a while. With those two pressure points, I had made Michiko a temporary paraplegic.

And then there was one, though Kento and Michiko weren't completely out of the fight yet. Aisa walked out onto the field, arm bandaged and in a sling. His teammates had probably told him to stay out of the fight in order to preserve his arm. With only two bells threatening one person on the team, they showed remarkable trust in each other.

Kakashi would have loved these kids.

"Sensei," Aisa greeted. He was clearly in a lot of pain, but I ignored it. This training was harsh, harsher than most genin would be going through at this point, but not as harsh, never as harsh as the tortuous training I went through as a Claw.

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