Chapter 13 - Squidward

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Dianna had woken up to the sounds of the ocean, the rolling of the waves and the squawking of gulls. She raised herself as she felt the floor beneath her, she laid on hard wood. She didn't remember being brought to a ship, had they drugged her? Where the hell is she?

"Get up." An auradonian officer said, as he hoisted her upward. He pushed her to the edge, and as she was pushed off the ship onto the docks, she realised that she was back on the isle. The ship started to sail away, and she gazed at the time of when she was in Auradon, of the happiness she had with her friends.

And Magnus.

What does he think of her now? She wonders. The devil incarnate? She turned her back towards the ship as she inhaled a breath, reminiscing the time spent in Auradon, and as she exhaled, she let them out. Everything, from the castle that she had once wanted to burn and now loved to her beautiful room she shared with the girls. From her friends that she will never see again to Magnus.

"Well isn't this a surprise! The famed queen of fire has returned to her fateful kingdom! Rejoice, as we watch her reclaim her throne from me!" Said a familiar voice.

It took everything in Dianna to control the fires that would burn the entire isle, as this familiar voice emerged from the alleyway of the docks, her blue braids were shinier and filled to the brim with decorative sea shells, her coffee stained skin looked more radiant than usual, and the shell that her mother had given her glowed with a bright yellow hue.

"Welcome back, Flame princess." Dianna let out a little flame to fully embrace the nickname.

"Its good to be back, Squidward. Poor little Uma hasn't changed one bit. Still serving as mommy's little waitress?"

Dianna knew she'd get in hot water for that.

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