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Stage: Hellevator

[ Kang Ha-Neul P.O.V ]

My head hurts so does my body. It aches everytime I moves. I feel something is moving and it sends a vibration through my surrounding. The metal clanking and stops after a while and I hear a mechanical open sounds as the sunlight pierce through my eyes. I squinted and lets out a low groan, adjusting my eyes with the powerful beaming light. As I open my eyes slowly, I see nine pair of eyes staring intensely at me making me to jolt and sits up a little but I ended up passing when my head makes a contact with the cold metal. It all went dark at that time.


For a moment, I could feel a presence besides me, staring at me or somewhat taking a look at my condition. I try to stay quiet and not making any move but when I smell something unpleasent, my eyes shot open and I quickly sits up, gasping loudly. Sweat beads cover my forehead and my neck as I breathe for air.

"You're awake?"

I turn my head to the voice and my eyes make a contact with the back of a body. It is a boy, strangely not giving any attention to me as he continues to read a book, silently. He waits for my answer but I kept stares weirdly at his bespectacled face. He have some gpod features to be honest and it sends a tingles to my heart.

"Wh-who are you, where am I. What is this place and-" I cover my nose before continue my words. "What's with that awful smell?"

The boy chuckles. He close his book and takes off his spectacles and finally, he faces me. A small smile spread on lips. "Little girl, one question at a time okay? What do you want to know?" he gives a closed eye smile and cross his arms, slumping his body against the wooden chair.

I gulp. My fingers tightly closing my nose. "What is that smell?" for like a period of time, the smell keeps hunting my nose and I hate it.

"Oh, it is just something that I burn to wake you up. Never know it works," he replys and quickly lets a drop of water on the thing he burn on. The smells quickly go away and I sigh in pleasure and uncovers my nose. "Glad you can still breathe,"

"Where am I?" I ask out of a sudden after he finishes throwing away some unwanted things that he burnt down. His ear perks up and he turns his face towards me. "You're in a place where we call the safe hell,"

I quirks an eyebrow and rubs my shoulder. The cold air brushes against my body, sending shivers down to my spine. "But hell is never safe,"

He nods. "Indeed it is, but for now, we are safe here in hell," he normally reply as he makes his way to me and sits besides me. I scoots a little, away from him. "What do you mean by 'we'? They're more people,"

He nods and I gasp. My eyes grow wide knowing that there's other people here. I hope there's a girl so that she can accompany me when I'm lonely. One should be enough though.

"Actually, you're the only girl here," he pats my shoulder and smiles sadly. Did I say that out loud!?

I blush a little at his action and shrugs his hand off my shoulder. He is taken aback a little but he force a small smile. I can see somewhat a little sadness in his eyes. Did I overdid it?

"I'm sorry. We're not use to gi-"

A scream full of hatred and pain pierce through our ears. I quickly cover it and turns my head towards the sound that sends and adrenaline through my spine. I hear the sound attentively and my eyes make a contact with a rusty black old door. The boy besides me sigh in pain as he rubs his temples. He stands up and walks to the door, grabbing the knob and facing me with a smile.

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