Tears of an Angel

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  • Dedicated to Rachel Scott

The Story Behind This Poem:

Few stories have literally changed my life, a 17 year old from Colorado, Rachel Scott managed to do that. I wanted to honor her by writing this poem, even though I never had the chance to meet her, I feel like I've had a chance to glance her character through a book her parents wrote, Rachel's Tears. Rachel was the first murdered in the shooting of Columbine High School, which claimed the lives of twelve students, one teacher and two perpetrators. Columbine High School is still the deadliest high school shootings to date. After a gunman had shot Rachel in her leg, he picked her up by her hair, and asked her if she still believed in God, her response was, "You know I do." Her responce provoked a final, and fatal shot to her head. This information is taken from a film by teenage perpetrators who were said to have mocked Rachel for her beliefs. God bless you, Rachel. <3

Just like any normal day,

Sitting at lunch with friends.

Sirens pierce the air,

Indicating a possible end.

I stare in horror,

As blood splatters upon the ground.

The thunder of gun shots,

Becoming a terrifying sound.

I watch as a man crosses the room,

Distinctly heading my way.

I'd never imagined my death,

But I figured I would have a say.

He shoots my leg, and then my arm,

Pain ripping through my limbs.

I watch as he smiles twistedly,

As he thinks up evil whims.

He presses the gun against my temple,

"Do you still believe in God?"

I almost smile as I think of him,

Even through pain my judgement is unflawed.

I stare into the gunman's eyes,

"You know I do."

I send a silent prayer as darkness overwhelms me,

And I reach forward to meet God.

Author's Note: From the moment I read Rachel's Story, I was immediately moved, and I hope you guys feel the same way. I've realized through this, that the one thing no one in this world can take from me is my love for my God. Thank you guys for reading this.

Love, Nikolas

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