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The transition

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Alison POV
i walked into the church in a hurry. There was a noise and i walked into the room and saw it was a window. I sighed of relief and closed it. When i turned around i jumped at seeing mona. "You don't scare me mona!" she remained the same expression. "You're not as good of a liar as you used to be." I was terrified. We had a fight. And i sayed "i made you loser mona once and you KNOW i can do it again!" she got closer to me and bit into her arm. I was scared. She forced her arm to my mouth. I tried pulling away but her other arm was holding my head into her arm. I felt her blood going down my throat. She pulled away and i tried to run but she rushed infront of me. She grabbed hold of me. then she grabbed my head and i heard a snap. Then complete darkness.
I woke up in the morning in my bed. My neck hurt so bad. I stood up thinking it was just a dream and went to get some food because im starving. I walked downstairs in my empty house and jumped when i saw mona standing in my kitchen. "What do you want mona?" I said coldly. "Hungry Alison?" "Yeah so?" She laughed. "What's so funny?" "come out now." I was confused but then a short blonde walked into the kitchen. "Mona who is that?" "Oh her? Her name is rebecca woods." rebecca was standing with fear in her her eyes. "Please dont hurt me." mona yanked her arm. the girl looked at mona. "hey! Stand still." The girl stood still crying. "Mona what the hell?!" Why was that girl listening to mona? Monas eyes turne red and fangs grew from her mouth. She bit into the girls neck and the girl gasped in pain. Mona released and turned her to me. "Ali arent you hungry? Would you maybe like a drink?" I was terrified. "What are you?!" "im a vampire silly! now drink up." Mona spoke to rebecca and looked her in the eyes. "dont scream." she pushed rebecca towards me and she fell into my arms. Her blood got on my hand. I was so hungry now. I licked the blood off of my fingers and i could feel my teeth growing. I couldnt handle this hunger any longer. I bit into her neck. I sucked out the blood. I could feel mona trying to pull me away. She pulled me away and i screamed at her. "LET GO!" I pushed her away and sunk my terth back in. I sucked out all of the blood until she was dry. She fell to the floor. Her head fell off. I collapse to the floor. "What did i do?" I started sobbing trying to put her head back on. "Im so sorry. Im so sorry." I sat her down and put her head back on balancing it. "Well well well... looks like we have ourselves a ripper." I was so confused. "What? Wht did you do to me?" I stood up and whiped the blood off of my face. "I turned you into a vampire." mona said sternly. "Why?" "Because whats worse than dying? Living but suffering forever. Your one of us now and you will not age. I walked up to mona and the sun from the window burned my skin. I jumped back. "What the hell? How come you dont get burned?" "Because i have a ring. I can get you one." "Why did you do this to me mona?" "Because i want a friend!" I glared at her. "You fucking killed me! I will NEVER be youre friend!" She shrugged and then. Blackness.

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