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friday; after school4 days after marla got paired with richie__

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friday; after school
4 days after marla got paired with richie

"I HEARD YOU GOT STUCK with tozier two eyes, poor girl," megan said with her head resting in her palm. her hair tied back in a tight pony tail, making her forehead look stretched.

" you'll never believe what he did twenty five minutes into the lesson this morning," i frowned thinking about the memory.

" what? what did he do?" amelia slammed her locker closed and turned to me, applying a layer of transparent lip gloss over her thin lips.

i sighed, " so mr levi was babbling on about nouns used in shakespearean time or some shit when richie grabbed my arm, yanked my sleeve up, took a black permanent marker and then scribbled his home phone number on my forearm," i explained, using my hands to show them.

" oh my god! he didnt !" amelia grabbed my arm and pulled my white sleeve up, gasping when written on my arm was indeed, richie toziers number.

" he even had the audacity to wink and then smirk at me, turning around and then acted like he did nothing." i carried on, frowning like a seven year old as the three of us made our way over to amelia's car where bailey and april were lent up against it, talking about matty.

" what a loser. please tell me you wont call him," megan looked at me with one of her waxed eyebrows raised.

" whos not calling who ?" bailey interrogated as she opened the car door and sat down in the seat, scooching over to make room for megan and i.

amelia plopped down in the drivers seat as april sat herself down next to her.

" trashmouth tozier wrote his number on marla's arm during english today," amelia answered and looked at me through the rearview mirror.

" unbelievable. marla is able to get herself a boyfriend and i cant," april mumbled, sending me death glare.

" he's not my boyfriend," i replied, giving april a look as i slammed the door shut.

" whatever. he should've written his number on my arm, not yours," april argued.

" fuck april, you wouldnt even call him. i mean, who would ?" bailey laughed, rolling her eyes as april groaned.

" i know, its just, why would any one give marla their phone number and not me? im beautiful," april sighed dramatically and sulked the rest of the way home.

well, thats a nice conversation. really raised my self esteem.

all the way home april would sigh every five minutes and argue with bailey about how i dont deserve any boys number and about how she should get a boyfriend first. she went on and on about how unfair it was and " oh, im so lonely,".

" my god april! shut up!" megan moaned from next to me, april immediately shut her mouth seeing as though if she didnt listen to megan she'd be out the group. its fucking childish, that is.

when i got home, the same feeling i got the last friday was there; infact it was the same feeling she had got every day that week. her father didnt come home on wednesday, his trip got extended. he'll be staying with some colleagues in some country for awhile.

its fine, i was used to it by now.
17 year old me is used to being left alone for long periods of time. it didn't bother me. i actually didnt mind the silence. it would give me some peace and some time to relax alone.

although, sometimes the silence would get a bit too much and a feeling would form, a feeling in the pit of my stomach and in my neck. sometimes, the silence gave me a bit too much time to think. i would usually end up on the disastrous topic of my mothers death. i would end up crying alone in my room, my white, cotton pillows would eventually be scattered with little black spots caused by the mascara on my eyes smudging against them.

unfortunately, today was one of those days.
i spent 3 hours after i got home sitting on my bed, just looking; looking at the wall. that fucking wall. its bothering me. what the fuck. its too empty; the only thing by that wall was my vanity and a small one person couch.
i rubbed my face with both of my hands, stood up, walked out the door, down the driveway and made my way to the closest convenient store where i planned to buy as many posters as possible.
i walked by the glass sliding door and wiped my feet on the mat, sighing at the warmth i was immediately engulfed in.

i walked myself over to the arts and music section and spent my time walking up and down the isles, trying to find a talking heads or a joy division poster. if april or megan ever found out i listen to joy division or the talking heads and not madonna, i would never hear the end of it.


joy division !

i grabbed the rolled up poster and walked towards the cashier, paying for my item. my beautiful, beautiful item.

once i arrived home again, placed the poster smack bam in the middle of the wall; i returned to sitting.

i reached my arm up to my face to wipe the tears when richies number appeared on my skin.
it was there. in all its glory; messy and scribbled in black ink across my forearm.
maybe ill phone him, i could use some company.

fuck it.

i threw my body onto my bed, the mattress wobbling as i did so, and reached for the light pink phone next to the bed and slowly dialed his number.

before i twisted in the last digit, i sat back and thought.

what will i say?

should i ask him to come over?

yes, i will.
i will ask him, richie tozier, to come over.

i dialed in the last digit in and put the phone to my ear, waiting for him to answer.

" hello, tozier residence,"


" uh, hey richie,"

" marla? hey! you phoned?" i could practically hear him smirking on the other line, causing me to roll my eyes.

" yeah, chill out though. this isnt a booty call," i twirled around with the wire cord.

" well then what is it?"

" well, i would call it im-lonely-and-want-some-company,"

" why dont you just call april or someone,"

" because they're boring," i mumbled.

" okay princess, where d'you live?"

" uhm, 19 park avenue, the code to the security gate is 0359,"

" trust me enough to give me your security code?" he chuckled from the other side of the line.

" believe me, ill be changing it as soon as you leave,"

" okay princess, ill see you in 10,"

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