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Chapter 13: Elijah

After hours of flying Moorwin and I were both tired he dropped me back off at the camp and went off to find some place to sleep for the night. He didn’t like being in the camp, it was too much going on.

As time passed Moorwin and I kept the same routine. We would go for night rides, during the day I would either spend my time with Katarina or planning where to go next to incite the rebellion. Sighing I rolled over in my cot, I glanced to Katarina; she was still fast asleep.

Pushing back the covers I stood up. Sleep was futile I had woken in the night with my dragon mark burning and glowing orange. Passing it off as nothing I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn’t seem to let my mind go. There were too many thought buzzing.

Tip toeing over I grabbed my coat slipping it on over my shoulders. Exiting the tent I was hit by a blast of bitter winter air. Tugging the neck closer I took a pair of leather gloves Katarina had given to me out of the pockets I shoved my hands into them instantly warming them as they touch the soft goat skin that lined the gloves.

 Calling out to Moorwin I raced to our meeting spot. The trees rushed past me my feet kicking up dirt as I ran. Moorwin landed roughly onto the ground. Not breaking my pace I used the bend of his knee and the crook of his wing to settle myself onto his back. Not missing a beat he took off into the sky. A low lining of fog had laid its self onto the current camp site.

We broke through the top of the fog and the tree line up into the clear blue morning sky. The sun had began rise in the east; turning the sky brilliant pinks and reds. Having no intended destination we flew. The steady down strokes of his wings lulled the knocking thoughts of the burning mark from my mind.

We flew for hours that barely graced the thoughts in my mind. Moorwin and I’s bodies were synchronized as one; his thoughts were mine and mine his. His breath matched mine our hearts beating together as if we were just one being.

A sharp burning pain seared up my arm from the mark causing me to break my focus with Moorwin. Shocked I looked down to my arm; instead of the faint glowing orange it was a fully fledged fire beneath my skin. I let my other fingers run over the puckered flesh cooling it slightly.

Moorwin suddenly broke his straight path he tucked his wings and dove towards the ground at full speed. The sheer wind tore through my hair, making it feel as if the strands were to be ripped from my scalp. I gripped onto the horn bending with Moorwin to lessen the wind resistance. We kept dropping till the woods were swiftly approaching.

‘Moorwin,’ I shakily asked him as we came closer.

“MOORWIN” I screamed verbally. It seemed as if he was awoken from a trance; sensing the impending doom Moorwin threw out his wings a flood of air forcing us up breaking the rapid descent.

‘What was all that about?’ I snapped as he landed on the ground. Slipped off I went to glare at him.

‘I…I… don’t know,’ He replied still blinking himself from a haze. My mark began to burn again, this time with a new fierceness that nearly knocked me off my feet. It wasn’t a burning sensation as associated with pain but a sensation to a thirst that needed to be quenched. 

‘Stay here,’ I told him brushing my hand against his nose. Looking at the mark as I walked it began to burn brighter than before. Curiosity enveloping me I followed the gut feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Pushing past branches and thorns as I progressed the dragon looked as if it was on fire. So engrossed in the flaming scar I was oblivious to the face I had reached a clearing. It was only when a shuffling noise startled me from my stupor.

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