~ Bath time ~

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"Right." As 9S got up and grabbed the money, 2B watched him. He seemed so eager to blend in with the humans and find out what they're like. He walked out the door and 2B sprawled out on the sofa with a sigh. This situation was far from ideal and now that she knew 9S was going to deteriorate, she wondered how much time she'd truly have left. She had no way of forming a link between herself and another one of her bodies anymore. This one would eventually break down. By the time she reached their present, she'd probably be close to breaking down and that terrified her.

9S' words had echoed through her mind. 'More than a friend' to him, what exactly did it mean and why did it tug at her heart to hear him say that? She'd been so busy trying not to get attached to him that perhaps he had snuck his way into her heart but how could she express something like that?

Her eyes scanned the small apartment. 'What a strange place,' she thought as she sat up once more. Pushing herself to stand, she decided to look around a bit more while he was gone. The android made her way to the bathroom, opening the door and glancing inside. It was small but, perfectly fine for just the two of them.

Immediately her eyes slid from the white tile walls and floor to the bathtub. "9S likes baths. I guess we'll have to do that now that we can't clean ourselves at the bunker. At least we don't actively sweat." Her thoughts drifted to contemplating what it would feel like to bathe. Maybe 9S would be willing to help her do so later on. If they had to take up eating, bathing would come afterwards.

After closing the door, she walked to the bedroom. It was spacious and the bed provided looked plush and comfortable. "I'm surprised he would sacrifice sleeping on this. He'd love the feeling of it." She ran a gloved hand along the soft surface as she approached the closet. "I should buy more clothes." It was quite sizable for such a small place.

Coming back from the store with several things for their use and began to put them away, he finished putting it all in the draws and cupboards before turning and looking around for 2B. He walked into the bedroom and saw her stood by it and the closet.

"I got us everything 2B, I hope I got what we needed, it is very confusing in the store, I kept getting distracted by all the humans. They were looking at me very strangely, I think it was my outfit. One young human, a 'teenager' said 'Go back to your priest for bumming, boy' I have no idea what that means. It sounds pleasant though." He laughed quietly before walking over to the bathroom and looking at the bath tub. A small guilty smile on his lips as he walked over to the bags and brought a few things out.

"The human-female at the store said these create bubbles when added to a bath I am unsure if they will not explode but she reassured me they would not, Bath-Bomb is just a word for it." He grinned and put the ball in the bath as he began to run the water.

As she heard 9S come home, 2B turned, smiling at him as he'd peeked into the bedroom at her. Walking out and toward the bathroom, she looked on curiously as he placed the 'bath bomb' into the water he was running in the tub.

The woman was correct. Bubbles filled the water as did a pleasant aroma of some kind. No doubt it was the scent of some flower or herb. Just the smell alone had caused her to relax a bit. She'd been so uneasy since they arrived here but the smell and the steam rolling from the bath had made those troubles seem so distant and clouded over.

Without much thought, the silver-haired girl blushed, directing her eyes toward the other.

"Nines, Would you..." 2B bit her lip. What was she doing? Could she really ask such a thing? Was it inappropriate or would it be a burden for him? Unable to look it up or ask one of th Pods, he was the only one that could do this for her. If only she'd partaken in such pleasures back at the bunker. Feeling a bit naive and vulnerable, she finally decided to spit out what she was hoping to ask him. Though it came out a bit awkwardly, it was the best she could do.

"Would you teach me how to bathe like the humans? We can't clean ourselves here like we did at YoRHa so..." Her ivory cheeks were now crimson red as she gazed down at the inviting water filled with suds. It did look soothing and comfortable. Perhaps he was on to something all along.

Curiosity took hold of her and she dipped her finger in. The instant the water hit her skin, she knew the appeal of a hot bath.

"Oh, it feels nice." As she pulled her finger out, it was covered in bubbles, with which she tried to shake off but the pesky things wound up on her face instead. She blinked in surprise at the assault on her cheek, not expecting them to be so sticky.

"A bath? You would like a bath? Sure! I can help you, teach you! I've been wanting to show you for a long time!" 9S grinned excitedly as he stepped over. "Although you will have to be undressed for this, it is... very personal in Human society. From the Archives, only close relationships result in a bath together."

Nines explained, smiling nervously as he looked around. "I will make sure that the water is hot enough for you but not too hot to damage your body." He ran a little bit of cold water into the bath and then stepped to the side. "I had also tried this, I had to make them myself or buy them from the Resistance on Earth, but here I can buy them too." He turned and brought over several candles, settling them around the bath and lighting them with a small match.

"I.. I will show you how it works." He turned his back to her and began to undress. She had not seen him naked before, as far as he remembered. His skin was pale around where his black uniform hid his body and he had obvious tan-marks from the Sun-on Earth.

He actually felt embarrassed by his sudden nakedness and placed his hand over his crotch. Stepping to the side and sitting in the bath, he relaxed out and stretched his legs. This was DEFINITELY better than the cargo container he'd transformed into a bath. This was an actual bath!

For a few moments, he forgot about 2B stood there, relaxing down and closing his eyes, he suddenly jolted up and looked at her. "Sorry. I almost forgot about you being here... This bath is.. amazing." He sighed and looked at her. "If you wish to join me, we can have one together?"

"I see..." The two of them were what one would consider 'close,' right? They'd been on so many missions together and now they were on this grand journey as a pair, just trying to get one of them back home safely. 2B wasn't quite sure why stripping nude was embarrassing to him. She had quite a revealing outfit when her skirt had blown off from self destruction. Maybe it was one of those human traits he'd picked up.

In any case, she began to undress as well. Unlike 9S, she didn't have too many tan lines as her dress and gloves covered her shoulders and arms. When her skirt and top hit the floor, she made quick work of removing her stockings, boots and leotard. As she was doing this, he was getting into the bath so, he likely didn't see much of anything,

Her skin was like that of a porcelain doll. Virtually, it was flawless and looked soft to the touch. The candles flames cast a flickering light upon her body. It was dim, but enough to cause the smoothest parts of her skin to shimmer. Her thick thighs brushed together as she approached the tub, being careful not to knock anything over as she swung her leg in. Her foot had touched the bottom of the tub and the water lapped against her ankle.

For a moment, she hesitated but pulled her other leg in and sat in the bath with him. The bubbles from the bomb had covered up their nude bodies but she could still feel 9S' skin against her form. He was warm, just like the soothing water loosening her pores.

The top of her well-sized breasts could be seen as she turned and tilted her head. "What... do we do now?" She asked. What embarrassed her most about this was that she was clueless and needed to be taught how to clean herself and even more embarrassing was that he not only had to look at her body but, there was no way to avoid him touching it, being close and personal with her this entire bath.

A shade of red snuck onto her cheeks as that epiphany caught her by the feelings. This is the kind of intimacy the two would have never had in their situation back home. Her pulse pounded within her chest and her stomach became a bit uneasy.

"Nines, I feel strange. You're sure this is safe?"

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