V - Deities

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A divine or supernatural being; a god or a goddess.
plural: deities

A particular culture's set of deities.

Many witches choose to worship or work with a deity or deities. They can protect you, help you, and teach you. You might ask a deity to help you with your spell, and their power will make it stronger. In the religion of Wicca, working with two deities is central.

Some people believe that deities are physical and real beings. Some believe that they're just symbols or representations of the different parts of nature. You can decide for yourself!

Many witches, especially Wiccans, will have one patron god, and one matron goddess. They're the main two deities he/she will serve. If you're not in Wicca, you can worship or work with as many deities as you wish (though some types of Wicca will accept not having patrons, eclectic and solitary in particular).

How do you find the gods and goddesses that suit you? Some deities might "call" for you – they'll send signs that you'll see everywhere. Is there a type of animal you keep seeing? Or a symbol? Maybe look up what deity it's associated with. They might appear to you in a dream or meditation as well. You can also simply do research on the deities you're interested in. Same goes for pantheons. Maybe you liked the Greek gods as a child: you can start there! Trust your intuition. If you're suspecting you might have found your deity/deities, you can pray to them and leave some offerings on your altar. Always be respectful to a god(dess), and when leaving offerings, leave things that are appropriate and won't offend them. Your research will help on this.

Relationships with deities can become very personal. You'll learn a great deal from them. Not much can be said about how certain deities act because you really have to talk to them yourself and find out. I suggest writing it down if you meet a god(dess) in a dream or during meditation. Once you find deities you want to work with, do it reguralry. Do something every day: leave an offering (milk, honey, rocks, leaves, etc.), pray, have a quiet moment in front of your altar, or meditate. You can even perform a ritual.

"Everyone's experience with deity is personal and subjective, and only through your exploration of your relationship with them do you begin to learn about who they truly are."**

        You can also have only one deity, or none. There are Christian witches who worship the Christian God alone. There are even atheistic witches who don't believe in gods at all. Whatever floats your boat!

Even if you don't serve a deity, you might still believe in other mythical, supernatural, or magical beings. There are countless such beings in folklore, fairy tales, and mythology. You might believe in spirits, ghosts, faeries, dragons, unicorns, dryads, mermaids, elves... Learn about different beings through research and maybe begin looking for some that intrigue you. Over time you might see, meet, or even get to know some. There are witches who specifically work with dragons or faeries, for example. Like deities, many beings appreciate offerings. Research what kinds of offerings the beings of your interest prefer. They will be more positive towards you and probably show themselves more often.


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