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( this is so cute but funny to me )

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( this is so cute but funny to me )

"DON'T YOU JUST MISS IT HERE?" James questioned, as Natalia and him sat outside of her home.

James had arrived in Colombia until this Friday morning, despite being knocked out four days ago. He would've come as soon as they were knocked out of the World Cup– to hopefully find comfort and feel better by being around Natalia– but he had not been allowed to leave just yet.

He had needed to wait and stay an extra day before he was allowed to leave. Which he had spent alone. Their elimination from the World Cup had a huge effect on James and didn't necessarily put him in the best mood. The exhausting day-long flight from Russia to Colombia had also not put him in the best mood either.

After the elimination of his country in the most important tournament in football, and having to wait so long to arrive in his homeland, all he wanted was to see the person he loved the most. So the first thing he had wanted to do after arriving and settling down, was see Natalia.

All he wanted was to hear her tell him that everything was alright, because whenever he was around her, everything did feel alright, everything felt so perfect to him.

And when they were finally together, he had not wanted to let her go. His arms were wrapped around her smaller body tightly, feeling as if he didn't hold her that way she would disappear. They had stayed in that position for a few minutes, but for them, it felt like an eternity and everything at that moment felt right, almost perfect.

James had felt as if the entire world had gone silent and they were the only ones there. The only ones alive, and as cliché, as it sounded; it was the truth. Despite all the times they had hugged before, this one felt the most special to him. Possibly because he knew that she felt the same way.

He felt as if he had been underwater for too long, and being in her arms, had felt like he had finally been able to breathe. As if she was his oxygen. She was everything he ever needed.

Sure, they had seen each other in Russia, but this felt differently. In a way, they had felt more like strangers there, and now that they were back in Colombia, it was as if they were back to their younger selves.

This time had felt as if they hadn't seen each other in years, and this was the first time in many years. He remembered feeling this way when he had returned from Munich, and he had finally seen her in over two years. But that time was different.

Natalia at the time was filled with bitterness and anger towards him. They had connected more as friends at the time. And now, it was as if old lovers had been reconnected. This time, it had felt better.

"Of course I do," Natalia stated. Everything to do with Colombia would always be filled with sweet and memorable moments. Her teenage years were, without a doubt, the best years of her life because James had been apart of them. "Do you?"

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