Chapter 4

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Sorry I didn't update sooner. *wants to write a Cecilos fanfic but doesn't know where to start* This chapter is way over do. Also, if you noticed that I stopped doubling Eridan's w's, just use your imagination to pretend that they are there. Well, enjoy and don't forget to comment and vote!


Eridan nervously walked over to Kanaya. She looked away to see Fef just glubbing in the horn pile. Eridan frowned.


Kanaya's voice caused Eridan's head to snap back up.

"What is it Kan?"

"Stop pretending Eridan. I know that you are a girl."

Eridan started laughing, "Wow Kan, you shore are krilling me! Reely, you're hilarious!"

"I know you're lying," Kanaya deadpanned. "You use fish puns when you lie." ((A/N: Not really, it's just a headcannon. I don't remember where it's from, but if I find it, I'll credit it))

Eridan sighed in defeat. "How did you find out?" She weakly said.

"Darling, I see the way you hold yourself. Maybe none of the other trolls can see it, but you are far too feminine to be male."

"Kan, please don't tell anyone," Eridan pleaded.

The rainbow drinker sighed and said, "Though I don't want to lie to the rest of our friends, I guess I won't tell anyone."

"Thanks Kan, I appreciate it."

The prissy seadweller left, cape billowing yet again.

~~~~Time skip to a couple hours later~~~~~

-- caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA] --

CA: sol

CA: sol

CA: sol

CA: sol

TA: 2top iit a22hole

TA: iim tryiing to do 2omethiing iimportant

CA: sol

CA: sol

TA: fiine.

TA: what ii2 2o iimportant for you to iinterrupt me

CA: duel me

TA: ii thought we were done wiith that 2hiit

CA: we cant havve anyone else suspectin anythin

CA: itll just be me tryin black quadrant attempts

CA: nothin else

TA: fiine do whatever you want

TA: but at the moment ii am iin the miiddle of 2omethiing

TA: go bother kk

-- caligulasAquarium [CA] ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA] --

Eridan logged off of trollian. She decided to actually follow someones advice for once. Eridan got up and went to go talk to her angry, nubby, leader.

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