"Where were you two going?"

"We were going to go swim at a lake. I don't know exactly where, it took an hour to get there."

"What happened once you got to the lake."

"How much detail do you want?"

"As much as you can give"

Mitch shifts in his seat, "The speed limit was 45 and Tony was going over 80. Once we finally got there, we got out of the car and he slammed me against it and kissed me forcefully. That was nothing new, he always did that."

"He was forceful?"

"Very much so."

"Did he ever hit you?"

"Every day."

"Did you ever tell anyone? Did anyone else know?"

"Scott knew, but I didn't tell him. There were always bruises on me that no one else saw, he's my best friend so of course he noticed them. He slept over at my house a lot and I'd be shirtless so he'd see them."

"Going back to that night, what happened after he kissed you?"

"There was a fence and he said we had to climb it. I didn't want to because I figured if there's a fence, I shouldn't be going there. I told him I wouldn't climb it, which is when he grabbed my throat and said he would throw me over the fence. I tried to cover my head, but I guess that only hurt me more because my head hit a rock and I ended up hurting my wrists."

"What did you do when you woke up?"

Mitch's hands start shaking as he feels tears in his eyes, "I c-couldn't see anything. I t-told my phone to c-call S-Scotty and I told him where I was while his d-dad called 911. The police and ambulance showed up a few minutes later."

"Thank you, Mitch. No further questions." Barba sits down and Calhoun stands up and approaches the stand.

"Tony's your boyfriend?"

"Not anymore. We broke up after, you know, he threw me over a fence and caused me to never see again."

"I apologize. You were involved with him at the time of the incident, yes?"


"If he was so abusive, why didn't you ever leave? Why didn't your friend ever tell anyone?"

"Tony told me he'd rape me if I ever even tried to leave. I made Scott promise not to tell anyone, so he just protected me as much as he could."

"And you didn't go to the authorities because..?"

"I couldn't risk him finding out. He's taken almost everything from me, I wasn't about to let my virginity be one of those."

"Do you have any proof of these threats?"

"No, he never let me have my phone out around him."

"Why's that? Was he afraid you'd spread rumors about him? Like you're doing now?"

Barba stands up, "Objection."

"Jury will disregard." Barba sits back down after the judge says that.

"No further questions."

"Mitch, you may step down. Tony, please approach the stand." Scott helps Mitch down and stands in between him and Tony as they sit back down.

"Anthony Williams, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

"Tony, you dated Mitch?" Calhoun asks.

"Yes, I did. Although we never officially broke up, so he's technically cheating on me with his new boy toy."

"Why did you guys go to a private lake?"

"I wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend, who I love very much."

"You wanted a romantic get away."

"Exactly. I didn't mean for him to go blind, I didn't think I was doing any harm."

"Do you love Mitch?"

"Of course I do."

"No further questions."

Barba gets up and walks towards him, "You claim to love Mitch."

"I do love him."

"Is that why you've threatened him numerous times?"

"I haven't."

"Well, Tony, we've gotten some evidence of that." He turns to the jury, "If you all look to the screen, you'll see some screenshots of Tony making threats to my client."

The screenshots read:

Tony: If ur not here in five minutes I'm gonna beat ur ugly ass
Tony: Don't ever tell anyone about this. I'll take that v-card any day, bitch
Tony: The second ur back from vacation, I want u here or I'm gonna hurt u and I'm gonna like it!!

"Those are just the most recent of them, there are many more."

"Why did you say these things to Mitch, whom you claim to love so much?"

"I was just joking. Right, babe? You know I was just kidding around." Mitch shivers when he calls him babe.

"Yeah, your 'kidding around' is what made me lose my eyesight."

"Order!" The judge bangs the gavel and they quiet down.

"Tony, Mitch obviously didn't want to go over the fence. You knew he wanted to go home. He told you not to throw him. So why did you do it?"

"I just wanted to go swimming."

"Mitch didn't."

"I'm aware of that."

"So you admit to knowing that your now ex-boyfriend didn't want to trespass, yet you threw him over the fence without a care in the world. Then you left him there for dead in the middle of the woods. Is that what you do for people you love?"

"I... I don't—" He stampers.

"No further questions, Your Honor."

They leave the room for a little while before they're all called back in after the jury makes their decision.

"How do you rule?" One woman stands up and reads a small paper.

"On all charges, we find the defendant guilty, Your Honor."

"You are all dismissed, the court thanks you for your service." The judge bangs the gavel and all the jurors leave the room. Mitch stands up and hugs Scott, smiling in relief.

"I'm safe, Scotty." He cries into the crook of Scott's neck.

"You're safe, baby."


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