'Skull helmet'

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Aye, look. You're getting quiet some questions here, Voodoo.

Loxo: That's not even fair! What about us?! We exist too!

Really? Cause I forgot all about you until you said something.

Lemondrop: *sighs* You two....please don't start.

*shrugs* I'm just being honest.

Voodoo: Alpha Bloody, could I please answer their question?

Oh sure, go on mate!

Voodoo: *blushes* Please don't c-call me mate, Alpha Bloody.

Loxo: *whispers* Friendzoned...

Lemondrop: *smacks the back of Loxo's head with a book*

Loxo: OW

Voodoo: *shakes head* A-anyways, I don't wear a skull. This is my actual head. I know it looks a lot like a skull helmet, but it's all scales. I was once a full brown raptor. I don't know what those scientists did to me one day but whatever they did caused my head color to change into white... permanently. Thus making it look like I'm wearing a skull. Oh, and before I get a question about the two feathers on my head, my neck was covered in feathers. Of course, the scientists did much experimenting on me making me lose them and only having these two left. Now I have a question...what's a mother? Alpha Bloody?

*clears throat* A mother is... let's not get into that subject. Let's just say, Loxo, Lemondrop, and Voodoo never had or met their mother. From birth all they've known is decent room with nothing but white with a large see through thick glass where scientists would study them. That's all they're ever known.

Loxo: Until the day Rose broke free! That day felt like yesterday!

Tch... yeah. Voodoo, want to say the outro?

Voodoo: Oh, sure! This is all for now! Any more questions or have any dares to give us, don't hesitate to tell us! Um...what's that word you use, Alpha Bloody?

*clears throat* Tally-ho!

Everyone: Until next time!

Wait...oi, how come the word 'dare' didn't autocorrect into date for him?!

Loxo: Maybe because Voodoo isn't the one who really needs a mate.

Lemondrop: And how come neither your twin, Dusk, or Silence said anything in this question?

....My twin was busy

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