Chapter 97 Remedy to calm down! (2)

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Lan Qin Yu turned her head and didn't quite understand why he asked, but she still answered him honestly.

"I didn't know that Qingxun had protected me in secret beforehand. I told Mo Yun that you might rebel in advance, but... didn't let him specifically send someone to protect me. He didn't tell me that he had sent a squad."

Otherwise, she will not sleep after she has been tied up by him... It is because I am afraid that there will be no chance in the future, so I want to grasp the present!

Without warning, Feng Jilin smiled a little bit, and laughed and took a big step.

The remaining guards in the palace also went out in an orderly manner. The Queen walked to Qin Yu and worried about her physical condition. She felt very moved, smiled and moved, indicating that she was healthy and had no problems at all. .

Although I would like to tell the Queen again, I have been very good at eating and drinking these days. It is really too serious for the occasion. If I don't know how to be so ignorant, I have to give up.

"His Royal Highness!"

Liu feis figure was coldly reflected in her eyes, still wearing the big red and green clothes of the big thorns, and a nose and tears called the'Feng Jilin. To tell the truth, in the end, there is no nose, Lan Qin Yu did not see clearly, but the face has been wiped by Liu Fei herself to identify which tears are...

Behind the two palace ladies tried to stop their master, 'niang niang. 'they called hard.

Lan Yu feathers pointed out that the wind season paused a bit, and then left without returning.

Liu fei's crying continued for a while, and unexpectedly the emperor did not stop it. Mo Yun and Tian Qing did not pay attention to it. Finally, Liu fei stopped when she could not see the figure of Feng Jilin...

To be exact, it is crying.

"Mother, the goddess, cheer up, come, come on, hurry up, call the doctor!"



When the emperor ordered the man to call the doctor, he left the hall. Although Liu fei was faintly worthy of sympathy, at this time, it seems that no one has any extra strength, and then she cares about her who has no status at all...

Mo Yun, because he still has to stay in the garrison, the matter of the subordinates of Feng Jilin has been solved, but he has left in a hurry.

Returning to the Ningning Palace, sit down comfortably and drink a cup of tea.Xiu er and Zier saw her returning safely, and staged a play code similar to that of Liu fei. The difference is that the sleeves are just red eyes. Although Zier cried and screamed, she did not faint like Liu fei.

Think carefully about the days after being tied, and what happened on the main hall. This time the so-called court coup, the coup d'état that Lan Qin Yu saw for the first time... is actually a bit of a farce. Suddenly, the end of the scene is also very sudden. If it wasn't for some guards when the wind season entered the palace, there was such a bloody incident. She might have thought it was a scene...

But... It's just like a movie. It's not a scene. She's really just can't come back. Don't look at the 4th day of the Ningning Palace, which now looks like a home, usually looking at Zier for a long time. The silly face is also very kind.

Zier's silly face... Why is it gone?

Didn't you still cry on the side? This look,Xiu er have no shadow, these two people are not so fast enough to cry, the field? No!

"Xiu er? Zi er?"

"I have let them back." Feng Tianqing took her cup and pulled her up.

What is he doing?

I have been flying so long, but I am tired of her, and now I just want to go back to the comfortable bed and sleep! The shoulders are also good, the waist is sour, and it's hard to die! Sure enough, the bed in the military camp is too hard, it is impossible to sleep comfortably!


Just in front of his eyes... Lan er is in front of his eyes!

He knows that Mo Yun sent a green (guard)search to protect. He knows that the ability to seek the Lan er can definitely make Lan er feel unharmed. He knows where the Lan Er have been brought in these days, but... in order to take care of the overall situation, he failed to Save her! he knows! He knows it! Knowing that even if you don't have to save yourself, Lan er will come back safely, but you still can't think about it, don't care.

Once the tension was enough, the poisoning incident has not subsided, and the people have been taken away. How could he calm down! If it weren't for Mo Yun's tens of thousands of sorrows, he would never be able to stun the snakes. He said that he would not let Lan er be taken away for so long!


has a problem! Absolutely have problems!

Feng Tianqing did not say a word, just staring at her, eyes staring at her face without blinking, holding her shoulders and staring at her cute and beautiful face.

She looks very beautiful Yes, it is not the first time to seeit, need to be looked again?

Extend a hand, touch her forehead, no fever...

The movement of Qin Yu, teased Feng Tian Qing, played her smooth amount, smiled and said: "Stupid, I am worried about you."

Actually, it is very hurtful to put on a face with a problem in his mind!

  QinYu pulls out her tongue and smirked for a while, and of course she knew that he was worried about her, but...not so exaggerated...

"Hey, I have a headache, help me!" Knowing that the other side wants yo pet her, she began to give orders.

  Feng Tian Qing isalso very cooperative, that is... with the wrong place.

"Not in front! It is the back of the head, behind!" was beaten twice by the guy of Feng Jilin with a hand knife! twice! Wait a minute there really medicine physician to ask, will not leave repetition of the bad things!

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