Chapter 93 Prince forces emperor to abdicate! (2)

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The emperor did not refute and continued: "He never thought that you are not as good as him. Your efforts have always been in your eyes. In the heart, the candidate of the Prince has always been you, in fact, from the very beginning. , Qinger is not your competitor, only you have not seen this fact."

what is this?

Because he led the soldiers to rebel, forced the palace, let the emperor abdicate, and at this critical juncture, he told him temporarily that he was the candidate of the Prince? Is it so easy for him to lie!


"His Royal Highness, can you put a mouth under it?"

Mo Yun seems to have no feeling about the tight situation in the palace, still idle.

Mo Yun?

"If you have something to say, this king does not think that Mo Zhenxiang is the kind of person who will ask questions."

Mo Yun's eyebrows picked one up. "His Royal Highness also knows it, then... Your Highness knows that it is not the time of the early dynasty. Why are you gathering together with several adults? Why, even the emperor is?"

After listening to Mo Yun's words, Feng Jilin thought of this question. Indeed, it's neither early time nor listening to people saying that something big has happened. Why do the imperial court ministers appear here? When the guards first reported to him the position of the father, he was only slightly surprised, and did not think deeply...

"His Royal Highness will not think that so many ministers are here to wait for you to rebel, a not to get rid of it?" Mo Yun seems a bit helpless, Feng Jilin should not be such a lack of consideration, afraid of being forced by himself too So tight that it ignores a lot of things.

"what do you want to say in the end!"

There was a sense of uneasiness in his heart. Mo Yun's strange look made him a little flustered, and his faint feeling that his words might have a great impact on this move...

"The Qing Dynasty dynasty has been registered for more than 20 years since the emperor's registration. The country can't be without a day. It is also impossible to let the Prince's position idle for a long time. Today, when the emperor summons several adults and is down, it is necessary to discuss the matter of deposit."

If the emperor set up the prince early, this situation is unlikely to happen today.

Feng Jilin thought of many possibilities, but did not expect that Mo Yun wanted to say is actually...

Looking around, the ministers in front of him saw his doubts and nodded, fearing that he would slow down and kill him.

After a moment of sighing, I suddenly laughed. "Is this not the official time of my appearance? If you take another step, you don't have to regret it forever."

Mo Yun's headache caressed his forehead. How could this man not hear his meaning? Why did he specifically mention that the emperor was about to set up a storage? Now, Feng Jilin has made a big mistake, if it starts now. When you come to see the situation in the temple, there is a high possibility that Feng Jilin will succeed. If he wants to be a prince, why is he still doing this kind of thanklessness?

"His Royal Highness, forgive me, the emperor wants to set up a man named Feng Jilin, not Fengtianqing, and the news that you closed the palace is here, when the emperor's ear is the minister After unanimous consent, prepare for the drafting of the sacred. In other words, the identity of His Royal Highness should have been promoted from the Great Prince to the Royal Highness, but the most important official place, interrupted by yourself."

It should be said that he is sorrowful, and Mo Yun also said that he was unclear. At the beginning, he proposed to the emperor to book the prince as soon as possible. It was also after Xiao Yu's poisoning. The conversation with Xiao Yu also vaguely felt that Feng Jilin is likely to act in the near future, so I hope that the emperor will set up the reservoir as soon as possible to avoid the father and son as enemies, but unfortunately... still late by a small step.

"H...ha, hahaha! What is this? Hahaha, what is this? Let me save? Haha... Is this a joke? I have already taken a rebellious way and sold a disrespectful step. After that, tell me... everything that I do is all over the place? Hahaha... impossible, absolutely impossible..."

How is it possible, it should not be like this, impossible!

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