Chapter 18

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As Brewer started to run I had to sit up and move my hips with him to stay on. I was almost peaceful to have the air rushing by my face and cooling my body. The hard part was I knew what I was going to have to do to my own mate. The person I was supposed to love forever.  I pushed those thoughts out of my head and focused on where we were going. Knowing I still had to love him I started to pet his fur and run my nail down his skin. He shook acknowledging what I was doing.

Brewer stopped running when we hit the cobblestone road and continued to trot. People who were walking around on the road gave us space to speed on. Instead of seeing a happy town all I could see was flashbacks of the markings on the wall. When Brewer slowed down I fell onto my stomach and hugged his back. He sat down in front of the hospital and my body slipped off his back. My feet hit the ground over his tail and I made my way in front of him. His cold nose hit my arm, leaving a wet spot. He sniffed my body and checked for any wounds.

"I'm fine," I smiled pushing his head away. He gave a low growl, and I laughed as I turned to walk into the building. My leg started to hurt as I got past the doors. I guess the adrenaline covered that injury.

"Luna!" A woman quickly came to me with a wheelchair. I smiled, and walked as best I could to her. "Here lets get you sitting down."

"Oh no, it's fine. I just need to get to a room." The women looked hesitant but gave me a small smile pushing the wheelchair to the side. She grabbed her clipboard and had me follow her. After a couple minutes of my leg getting worse and me walking slower I awkwardly spoke up.

"You know I think I could use that wheelchair." I stated grabbing onto the wall to keep my self off that leg.

"That won't be nesecary," Brewer said behind me, he swiftly pulled my legs out from under me and carried me bridal style follow the lady with long strides. Although I was terrified he was here a part of me was quite relieved. I put my head in the crook of his neck, he made a small guttural noise and I smiled at my effect on him.

I could tell we were both being a lot nicer to each other and letting our emotions show more. My hand went to the other side of his neck as I drew my finger up and down the veins.

"Right in here, please." The lady, pulls her hair dark brown hair back, her skin is tanner then brewers. She almost looks Hawaiian.

Brewer lays me on a bed and continues to hold my hand. I look at the jeans I'm wearing and I decide something needs to happen. Get me a knife. I link to Brewer who looks at me quizzically. it has been so long since I used any sort of link. It has been long since I felt my wolf. Trust me get me one now. I gave him a stern look and he finally stood up and left before the nurse followed to get the doctor.

I sighed at the door shut, I tried to ignore the pain I now felt in my body. Adrenaline was such a wonderful thing, until it went away. Almost like love. I pulled my hair back and attempted to calm down. I just needed to continue to love Brewer, like I never loved anyone before. I formed my lie of what Ryan told me in the cave and leaned back into the bed.

"Got one," Brewer entered the room and carefully handed me it.

"Thank you," I could tell he didn't trust me. I flipped it open and quickly applied it to my leg.

"What are you doing!" Brewer shouted at me grabbing the knife.

I stared at him, this mans temper will be the death of me. "Look at my leg. You see how tight the jeans are around it. It's swollen, I won't be able to pull my pants off around it. I need to cut the fabric off so that it can expand and it won't hurt as much." I tried to keep calm but some words sounded harsher then I wanted.

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