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Finally! Thank god the whole trip was over!

I've been suffering for 8 hours of stinkinest. Ughhh. I need to take a bath.

We already grabbed our things and headed out of the Airport where several men approached us.

"Are you from the Bloody moon pack?" Asked the man with Blonde hair and has Dark Brown Eyes.

"Yes. I'm alpha Chris and to whom am I speaking?" He asked.

"I'm agent Yoby. The council sent me here to pick you up. These are the other agents that were assign to assist you at the pack house" He pointed at Three mascular guys.

"This is Renzo" He pointed at the Brunette guy. He's so tall! 6'5 maybe.

"This other two are Esmael and Jamael. Their the Gamma Brothers." He pointed at two boys. The other boy named Esmael has Blonde hair while Jamael has Black. Same eye color, Green.

"Nice to meet you." I smiled at them. "Can we please go now? I smell like a toilet thats been used everyday with no one cleaning it after"

They all laughed and I just rolled my eyes. I'm serious though. I gave them my most deadliest glare and they stopped and stiffen.

"I think we should go now" Mario said. "Thats a nice Idea! Now let us lead you to your limos" Said Jamael.

They lead us to the parking lot where there are 3 limo's waiting. Why three? Am I that fat to not fit in one?

As we came closer Renzo instructed us to whom we were sitting.

I was going to ride at the 1st Limo with Fred, Greg, Esmael amd Jamael.

At the second Limo were Chris, Katy, Mario and Trunx. At the third one was Obviously Renzo and Yoby, And with all our suit cases.

Yoby said that our ride was 6 hours. While playing with my nails because of this boredom happening Jamael spoke breaking my boredom. Finally!

"So, Whose the one fighting Max?" He asked. His accent was like from the spanish people. Soo sexy to hear.

My wolf growled. 'Shut up! Liliana I hate to break it to you but you need to move on!'

She just stayed quite. Curiosity strikes me and asked "Who's Max?"

"The second best pack warrior in the whole world." Said Esmael in a Duh tone.

"She is" Said both Greg and Fred. They know that I dont like being treated dumb. So I let it slide and smiled at them.

"You?! Your gonna piss your pants out there! Your gonna die!" My eyes turned pitch black with my white pupil.

"Oh no. If I were you I would leave her alone and stop talking until the trip is ov-" Before the I quickly cut him off.

"You think I'm fucking weak!? You judgmental dimwit!" He stared at my eyes with shock.

"Your an elemental?" Jamael asked. "Obviosly" I answered in a Duh tone.

"What kind?" He asked. "Try to find out" I smirked at him then turned my head to his buttheaded of a brother.

I stare at his eyes with bore and gave him a frown.

The next thing I knew I said the word that Im craving for. Sumo's.

[You know those Sumo's? Those mini oreos?]

"Give me Sumo's " I turned my gaze to Fred and Greg. "Your oreos are in the other car princess " Fred said.

With me being the bitchy one I started to have tears in my eyes.

"I want my Sumo's " I said with puppy eyes. No one can resist it.


God! This is hard to resist! Ugh! "Ask them" I pointed my finger to the gamma twins.

They looked at me confused. "Can you please buy me some Sumo's? " She begged with a tear starting to form her eyes.

Their buying it! Ha! She's so unresistable. "Ok ok. Geez. No need to cry for it." Said Esmael.

She hugged them with a giggle. Last minute I checked she was mad at them. Now she's hugging them?

"Bipolar" Me and Greg mumbled.

Esmael talked to the driver to stop at the grocery store using the telephone inside the limo.

As we entered the store I smelled the most wonderful I evered smell. Strawberries and Chocolates.

- - - - -

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