When you guys fight pt.1

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Harry- You and your bf Harry of 2 years had been arguing for about 1 hour. You were on your period and the smallest things ticked you off. "Y/N, it's not a big of deal, you can't always believe what the reporters say about me!" Harry yelled, you knew you were able to trust him but for some reason when you were home alone on your phone an article had caught your attention... 'Band Member Harry Styles cheating?!' You knew exactly who she was... Taylor Swift, Harry's ex-girlfriend. "Not a big deal?! You went out to a restaurant with your ex and I didn't even know and it's not a big deal?!" You yelled back. "Well I don't need to tell you everything ok? You don't even know Taylor like that, she's better anyway!" When Harry yelled that your heart broke, "Well if she's so better why don't you leave and date her!" You yelled but alittle more lower "Maybe I will!" He yelled, walking upstairs and slamming the door.

Niall- "Hey babe" Niall your boyfriend of 9 months said "Hey baby, how was your day?" He has just gotten back home from the studio with the boys and you wanted to go out to eat. "It was good, the same usual thing! How was yours?" Niall replied. "It was good, I was hoping we could go out to eat tonight, I'm starving!" As soon as you said that Niall's face frowned. "What's wrong? We could just order some food instead if you'd like?" You said "No it's just your gaining some weight don't you think it's alittle late to eat now?" Looking at the time which read 8:45pm. "Oh uh yea totally, I remember I'm not that hungry anyway" you said getting up and walking to your bedroom. "Y/N, where are you going, are you ok?" Niall said quickly standing up and jogging to you. "Oh no yea Niall I'm perfectly fine, don't worry about me!" Your voice raises alittle. "Alright if your ok, hey I'm gonna go out with the boys don't wait up ok?" Niall said as your scoffed and sat at the opposite of the bed your back facing him. "Um is that a problem, because your a big girl and you can tell me!" He raised his voice alittle. You were so pissed but you tried hiding it but he just made you more angrier by the minute. "Yes Niall I have a problem! You never pay attention to me, your always with the boys! And it's like I'm not even your girlfriend anymore, more like a maid! And you telling me to not eat! Ahhh you just pissed me off even more! I only ate in the morning because I've been to worried on cleaning the house and washing your clothes! Not mine, yours! And you come home from the stupid studio just to see me for 5 mins and then say I'm gonna see the boys?! Am I even your girlfriend Niall?!" You yelled full on losing it. "You aren't famous Y/N! You would never understand how it feels like to be famous! And I'm sorry you don't have any friends to hang out with!" Niall yelled even louder, you were sure everyone in the neighborhood could hear. "Ok Niall you win, I'm done! Fuck you Niall!" You yelled going to the bathroom and locking yourself in, you sat there letting loud sobs come out your mouth. You didn't know what happened to him but it wasn't your Niall.

Louis- your boyfriend Louis was home from tour, and you two decided to invite the boys and their gfs to go out clubbing for the night. You were finishing your makeup and Louis was downstairs waiting for you, "Y/N ARE YOU ALMOST DONE? THE GUYS WILL BE HERE SOON!" Louis yelled "Yea I just need to finish one more thing and I'll be down!" You yelled back. When you finished your lipstick you put on your heels and looked in the mirror before walking out, right on cue the doorbell rung indicating they had just arrived. "Hey guys come on in, y/n is coming down in a few minutes" you heard Louis say "Hey babe, I'm ready to go" you said looking at Louis, he stared at you with wide eyes as you spun around for him to show your full outfit. "You like?" You told Louis while he just stared at you, he pulled you aside and said "You don't think that's too much? I mean you look quite um" Louis said, " So you don't like it? What's wrong with it?" You asked " You just look a little bit like a slut..." Louis said while looking down and scratching the back of his neck. "A SLUT?!" You yelled "Stop yelling  you're going to embarrass me in front of the guys!" He said. " You know what? No, Forget this! If I look to much like a slut and I'm an embarrassment to you, you can go alone!" You yelled with tears coming out of your eyes "Fine with me! Maybe I can find a girlfriend who will actually look decent and not dressed so slutty!" Louis yelled at you, as soon as he said that your heart broke into millions of pieces and you ran upstairs slamming the door and sliding down it and letting out loud sobs, it hurt even more when you heard the downstairs door close meaning they all left to the club.

Liam-  Liam and you have been dating for 3 years, you weren't a virgin but you never had sex with Liam either, Liam knew you weren't a virgin but he never pushed you, but tonight was different. "Soooo, y/n" Liam said while muting the movie you were watching "Liammm, I was watching that!" You whined while looking at Liam. "I know baby, but why don't we do something else huh?" Liam said while pulling you up, so you were straddling his waist. "Liam I don't know, the movie was really good, don't you wanna watch that instead yea?" You said trying to get off his lap "Fine." He huffed while you got off his lap and un-muting the tv. 10 mins into he started kissing your neck and his hand going closer to your 'area' "Hey baby why don't we go upstairs?" Liam said, you pushed him off alittle and looked at him "Liam I said no" he looked at you and got up walking to the kitchen, you rolled your eyes before following him. "Do you not love me is that why? Because I have so many girls who are willing to open their legs for me! And you've lost your virginity already, so what big deal is it? You probably were opening your legs for others right?!" He yelled at you. You didn't even know you were crying till you felt your tears sliding down your neck onto your shirt "You wanna know why we haven't had sex?! It's because I was raped before meeting you! Your such an ass! I wish you asked why before accusing me of being a slut! Yea sure I would've told you! But I was scared that you would have the reaction your having now, because I'm just some sad slut who was raped! So I'm sorry that I won't open my legs for you like the whore you want me to be!" You yelled at him with sobs, his face softened at your yelling after realizing why you haven't had sex with him, you ran upstairs and locked your bedroom door, you ran onto your bed and just cried.

Zayn- Zayn and you were at a photo shoot, you were waiting for Zayn to finish his photoshoot with the boys. While you were waiting you felt someone bump into you, you turned around to see the most biggest bitch there was, Gigi Hadid (no hate to her) she smirked at you "Oh no, I'm so sorry Y/n! I didn't see you there!" Gigi said while looking around, obviously looking for Zayn. "What do you want Gigi?" You said snapping her out of her gaze at your bf "Oh you know, just here to give Zayn something" she said walking away to Zayn. You watched as as Gigi walked up to Zayn and whisper into his ear, you turned away for a quick second before hearing stuff being flipped and curse words being said. You turned around only to be met by an angry Zayn. "Hey baby what's wrong?" You said "Your such a fucking whore! How could you!" He yelled at you, you were so confused at why he was screaming "Zayn what're you talking about?" Zayn looked at you with disgusted eyes and chuckled "Don't act like I'm dumb y/n" he said while holding  up a bright lacy red thong to your face "Who's thong is that Zayns?" He looked at you and laughed again before yelling "YOU ARE SO DAMN GROSS! HOW DARE YOU SAY WHO'S THONG THIS IS WHEN ITS OBVIOUSLY YOURS!" He yelled at you, everyone looked at you guys, you looked behind Zayn to see a smirking Gigi. "Zayn baby I promise you that's not mine! I would never cheat on you!" You raised your voice a bit at him a bit "Gigi is lying then?! I don't think so! You know what? Get out I can't even look at you!" He yelled at you "Baby a-are y-you serious?"You said sobbing "Come on Mate calm down..." Niall said trying to pull Zayn away from your shaking body. "Not until this slut leaves!" You looked down while letting your tears fall down your face, you started walking away and you heard the boys scream your name trying to get you to stay and figure things out here, but you ran out and called an Uber.

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