Chapter 91 Set the trap! (2)

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Feng Jilin slowly steps forward towards Lan Qin Yu. "Yes, it is forced to force the palace, forcing the father to abdicate to the sage, and among them... the most troublesome and most likely cause me to hinder is Tianqing...and you."

The blood on her face slowly receded, and the uneasiness in her heart gradually began to expand. Her palms began to sweat. He... What he wants to do this time, really intend to get rid of her!

"You... seems to be scared? How? I thought you were not afraid of fear, would you be afraid of what I did?" Pulling the sword out of the scabbard, pointing to the neck of Lan Qin Yu, just gently The touch, but painted a thin blood mark.

She gave him a look, nonsense! People will be more afraid of death is ah! What's more, he is now pressing the dazzling light sword at her carotid artery yeah! A little bit hard, she really comes to an end!

"As long as I use light force, the blood will spurt out, and your life will end here..." The man thought he smiled very slyly, but he didn't know that his smile made her feel a chill from her heart.

If this person goes to modern to sell air-conditioners, he will already make a lot of money! Obviously, it is an important moment for her life and death, but her mind is still thinking, and Lan Qin Yu can't help but admire herself...

"But... let me leave you first." For a moment, turn the sword and smacked into the back of the neck, and the hilt is squatting against her neck.(in other word knocking her out once again)

No! Again......

Consciousness has begun to go away, and the line of sight has become blurred. Whoever stipulates that every time people are stunned is so bad, don't repeat it twice in the same place, it is easy to leave behind the repeat, just get a brain What to do with the shock...

"You will sleep here temporarily... When you wake up, the Qing Dynasty will change hands..." Feng Jilin said this, and Lan QinYu fell to the ground.


Call a guard and give him the prepared note. "Sent to the hands of the second prince, don't let him find your whereabouts."


'I want to live in the blue sky, and go to Yunyangpo in the western suburbs of Fengcheng. The content of the slogan is very simple, but it is also enough to bring Feng Tianqing out of the palace. No matter whether the content is true or not, he will never let it go.

Outside the palace of the Purple Gate, Feng Tianqing rode his horse to the western suburbs until he could only see the dust that was raised, and the windy season at the corner appeared.

"Close the palace gate, no one can order anyone to go out without me, and no one can come in, including the second prince."

"Subordinate obey."

The news of the closure of the palace was quickly introduced into the ears of the emperor. When receiving the news of the guards, the emperor was negotiating with the ministers on the partial hall, including Mo Yun. When I heard the report that the Great Emperor really took the soldiers to come here, Mo Yun raised the fan and had no smile on his face. It was quite dignified.

The emperor said nothing, but several ministers were completely panicked. If you say a word about what to do next, you will be shivered by sudden unexpected events. They will only arguing for trivial matters on weekdays. It is only natural that the coups of the country such as 'forced palaces' cannot cope.

Not a moment, the outside of the temple has been surrounded by the soldiers and horses of the Feng Ji Lin, I dressed in the emperor's robes, and suddenly entered the hall.

For the ministers, it should be said that for all people, the actions of the prince are undoubtedly disrespectful, and it is absolutely unreasonable for them to force their father to give him. However, no one dares to make a sound, for fear that his life will be ruined, and they all stand on their side and dare not face the Feng Jilin.

There are also one or two ministers who have different colors. I don't know what to think about. I looked at Feng Jilin in a difficult way. The original old man was crossed with two hands, giving people a feeling of tension.

The hall was shrouded in a dignified atmosphere, the wind season was speechless, and the ministers closed their mouths. For a long time, the talents in the temple slowly said: "Lin, this is what I am doing."

The tone is still peaceful, but it does not lose the majesty of the emperor. I was so nervous that the good guards couldn't help but stand up and hold the sword at the waist, ready to go to the emperor.

"Father, you have seen this battle, you have already understood it, why bother to ask."

The emperor closed his eyes and placed his hands on the sides of the dragon chair. He leaned back and looked tired.

"Lin, now I am going back... you still have time, you don't need to do this at all."

Feng Jilin suddenly resentfully slammed the man on the dragon chair, do not need to do this? This is what you forced me to do!

If you don't just favor Tianqing, he doesn't need to work so hard to get approval. If he doesn't find Tianqing first and doesn't look for him every time, he won't be able to change his position. And began to recruit soldiers.

Now that his own throne is not guaranteed, he told him that he does not need to do this?

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