Chapter 90 Set the trap! (1)

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"It tastes great!"

The mouth is beautifully eaten, and I still don't forget to ask how is the taste at Feng Jilin.

The opposite person has no sound, but Lan Qin Yu is already stealing music, and the expression of the people eating it knows that the taste is very good!

Although there is a face on the face, the movement is elegant and slow. At first glance, although he is peaceful, he is no different. If you look closely, you will find that the corner of your mouth is slightly raised, and your eyes are much slower than the previous two days, at least not. That makes people feel cold!

If the food is reduced a little bit, it will be more telling. If it is not good, will the Grand highness eat it?

Just... If she can honestly praise a few words, she will be more happy.

"Your Highness."

There were guards outside the account, saying that the general had something to report, and Feng Jilin put down the food and told the outside guards to look after the good people. He did not say hello to her, completely ignoring her opinion...

Sure enough, people still can't like him!

I also solved a few pieces of meat that he did not eat. He had nothing to do with her. She couldn't control it. Now she is still free to move, still living well, and going to sleep!


"Everything is ready, and the defensive in the palace is also checked. Now, as long as the order is reached, the soldiers can act at any time!"

The small male voice spared the good sleep of the Lan Qin Yu. She yawned and picked up the corner of the curtain. The man who stood outside with several generals was facing the front of her.

Just... What are they talking about? What is ready?

Feng Jilin turned back and saw the Qin Yu's doubts, his eyes became a bit horrible, as if calculating something.

"I want to know...what is the situation in the palace after you disappeared?" It was only three days, just a woman who appeared in the palace for half a year, could have caused such a big sensation, which he did not expect.


It's also true that what you say is also a royal person. Now it's a missing person. Should there be some commotion?

I don't know what Tianqing is doing now... Should he look for her nervously everywhere?

"Almost all the guards in the palace were ordered by the emperor to look for you. The ministers were investigating whether they were taken away by some foreign assassins. The palace has become a mess." These few nights, He will rush back to the palace overnight, leaving no noticeable attention.

I was very pleased to hear that the palace was so attached to her disappearance. It was just... I heard this from Feng Jilin, I always felt that there was any conspiracy...

"Why tell me this?" He shouldn't be so kind?

  Feng Jilin smiled. "You don't think this situation, will the garrison around the palace be loose? If this time someone has a chance to rebel..."

"Hey, you want to drill this kind of loophole!" Too sinister!

"Empty? No, it should be said that I deliberately made such a situation, but the development of things is smoother than I expected. Some miscalculations are... I didn't expect the father to pay attention to your whereabouts."

In fact, it should have been thought of, but when it is really discovered, it is inevitable that some people will feel awkward. Isn't Lan Qin Yu originally not worth it? Now it seems that I have received the same treatment as myself.

"What do you want to do!"

It's rare to change him. He thinks that he is not so incurable, even... so soon, it reveals its nature!

"The outside of the palace has already stationed 20,000 of my soldiers and horses. The guards of the Imperial City are only less than 10,000. They can't stop the riots. The guards in the palace have also been replaced by me by one-third. If this time I am Take the soldiers into the palace, guess what... what kind of situation will it lead?"

Speaking of amazing words in my mouth, it seems that I have seen the situation in general, sneer.

Lan QinYu opened her mouth and  two words flashed in her mind.

"Forcing, forcing the palace?"

Things can be really big!

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