Chapter 89 Camp barbecue!

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"His Royal Highness." Suddenly someone shouted.

"come in."

A young guard came in, and Lan Yu's eyes lit up, and the things in his hand were gone when the guards reacted.

  Feng JiLin waved his hand and the guards left again.

Lan Qin Yu sat on the edge of the bed, holding a plate that was just  in the hands of the guards, eating a white sugar cake that was not very beautiful but tastes good, that is satisfying!

It turned out that he had long guessed that she had called him because she was not satisfied with the food he had eaten, and he deliberately put on a look that he loved eating and sleeping. In fact, he had already prepared a snack! Can not see, Feng Jilin is not always so insidious and wicked, no one is not a man of virtue!

There is still something to be desired!

Just... can't always let her eat this? When I have lunch, I have to take a good look at myself. I don't know if she has a few meals to eat with peace of mind. Maybe he will be 'made' after he's down! So be sure to eat every meal and become a dead star.


The morning time soon passed, and it was almost time for lunch.

"Hey, where is your kitchen here?"

he raised his eyebrows  in doubts.

"Why do you ask this?" In fact, he didn't even read how many books I didn't even read. I didn't understand why she asked the kitchen.(??)

"I have to get it myself at noon." After that, she pulled up her sleeves.

  he raised his eyebrows, but stayed interested.

"Will you cook food?" Lan Qin Yu look at the dishes... hard to imagine.

Look at her?

"I have said that I won't? Say, where is the kitchen?"

In the end, Feng Jilin unexpectedly came to the kitchen with her. She just felt that he was somewhat unexpected, but this move could frighten the busy people in the kitchen. When she saw the big prince enter the account, she was scared to squat.

Lan Qin Yu laughed. "You really failed to do it. People are afraid of this."

Feng Jilin only slightly frowns, indicating that they continue to work on their hands. In fact, he is also the first time to enter the kitchen. He has never seen anyone cooking. Naturally, he does not know what skills or other things are there.

So when he heard Lan Qin Yu, who is also a princess  said that she wants to do it herself, he is very curious and what she will do.

I looked at the materials a lot, there were more vegetables, there were things like eggs and potatoes, but... she was not interested, and carefully read it again, and finally she found what she wanted! meat! meat! Meat!

Pork, beef, lamb!

  Her saliva started flowing down!

Skilled to do the cleaning work first, then slicing, and then a bunch of bamboo sticks to be brought together, one by one, and a string of mutton-flavored beef and mutton was completed.

Feng Jilin just sat on the side waiting, and did not say that he was unable to insert it at all. It was really shocking to see that Lan Qin Yu really started to cut her own meat, and the technique seemed to be very skilled and equally pleasing.

The smile on her face was a lot more real than when she was with him, but... the smile was for the kitchen staff who were also amazed at her craftsmanship, which he was still not satisfied with.

The master who had been cooking the vegetables also stopped the work in his hands, and looked at the feathers and put all kinds of spices together, such as salt, flavor, cumin, chili noodles, etc. I don't even call these things, but the taste is no problem.

The seasoning was also ready, and the stove for the young man in the kitchen was just finished.

Hey... the fragrant skewers can be eaten right away!

Speaking of it, I have been in the world for so long, and I have eaten a lot of good things, but I have never eaten a barbecue. She has been stunned for a long time. Later, I learned that I didn't have such food at all in this place! Oh, I should have thought of it!

In fact, I want to do all kinds of barbecue foods, such as squid, sweet potato slices, etc., but it is too much trouble, just eat some meat skewers, and it is enough for her to solve.

I took a small bench and sat next to the Feng Jilin, sipping a little tune and sizzling. There were two hoes sitting beside them. They didn't dare to sit in the chaos, let alone sit in a place not far from the big prince. I think it's horrible. Later, Qin Yu discovered that the reason was Feng Jilin. At a glance, the man unexpectedly let the two hoes sit down.

For the people in the kitchen, it is absolutely unthinkable. Everyone knows that the big prince hates others and they are on the same level. The next person knows that it is impossible to sit on the same level as the master. But now... can't help but wonder if this is not the case. they know the big Royal Highness.

Lan Qin Yu did not have so many thoughts about them. Today, Feng Jilin did not treat her badly, and he peacefully coexisted with her.

Feng Jilin is indeed very curious about these things in her hands, so she will recognize her to go on, and it is rare to not care too much about other things, waiting for her to do well.

After about twenty minutes, the previous raw meat skewers have been tested, sprinkled with spices, and Yu Yu tasted a bite, then rubbed his eyes with relief, but there was no tears, but because it was so touched, I couldn't bear it. Live to make this reaction.

Really delicious!

The saltyness is just right, the spicy taste is just right, and the heat is just right!

The masters who happily left dozens of strings to cook for the kitchen, took the remaining dozens of strings and took them to Feng Jilin.

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