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TopTommo: I'm so hard rn.

StylishStyles: why do you tell me this, louis? one, i can't help you. two, i'm not going to help you lol. 

TopTommo: you'll give in to me baby. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

StylishStyles: lol ok. 


StylishStyles: ......

TopTommo: hehehe my hand is down my pants.

StylishStyles: i don't care. 

TopTommo: then why are you talking to me cutie pie?

StylishStyles: lol because i want us to be friends. I keep forgetting that you are actually the same guy I met. that's why I'm talking to you.

TopTommo: 😢😢

StylishStyles: lol oops.

TopTommo: hi cutie patootie i want to squeeze your cheeks.  (☞゚∀゚)☞

TopTommo: and also your face. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

StylishStyles: i'm going to go lol. i'm meeting with my family.

TopTommo: okay baby. i'll talk to you later.

StylishStyles: ok lol. 

It felt nice to be away from his phone for a while. He enjoyed talking to his mom, step-dad, his sister and her husband. He could forget about his terrible job and the weird people he called friends for a bit. It felt nice and he knew he had to see his family more often. He was only a few minutes away so he made a mental note to get out of his house more on his days off so he could visit them or make a weekend where they come to visit. They had seen the house when they signed the lease but haven't been there since they moved in.

The next few days consisted of working, showering, watching tv and eating with his friends. He couldn't wait until the weekend so he could actually get out of the house. It hadn't rained in a while and the weather was being completely amazing and Harry wanted to take advantage of it.

Zayniac: do you want to go camping this weekend?

NiallHorny: yes! i want to be one with nature.

LiamPayne: that means you have to bring a bag and scooper because you can't fucking leave your shit in the woods, niall.

NiallHorny: i didn't know we were in a public park the last time we went camping.

LiamPayne: yes you did???? you were the one who booked us a place there.

NiallHorny: oh yeah hehehe.

Zayniac: lmao gross, niall.

NiallHorny: i'm a gross person. (¬‿¬)

TopTommo: so am i but for different reasons. i don't shit in the woods. i just jack off.

StylishStyles: why did i click on this chat?

TopTommo: because you miss me and my pretty face.

StylishStyles: lol.

TopTommo: you miss me.😢😢😢😢

StylishStyles: i do miss you guys. camping sounds fun!

TopTommo: yay!

Zaynaic: can't wait! i'll send liam the address and all the plans.

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