Chapter 87 Inn episode! (2)

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"Princess... If Tianqing was here at the moment, and not me Fengjilin, would you still say the reason for this so-called princess prince?" The tone is quite ironic, but it is also confusing. .

Although it is difficult to detect, but she did capture a trace of wrong, and it seems every time the mere mention of the name Tian Qing, the voice turns strange.

Did their two brothers really have a beam before?

Although I don't understand why he asked, but... she was really asked. If it is Tianqing now, not his Feng Jilin, will she really say the the lame excuse she said just now?

She doesn't really  know, so... can only remain silent! However, it is her recognition of disguise, let Feng Jilin determine the answer.

"Hey, where are we?" Just thinking about eating, I forgot to ask him where he left her. Now the atmosphere is really strange, or it is good to transfer the topic quickly.

"A town not far from the Windy City, but if you want to go back to the palace, you will have to spend at least one day and one night."

Feng Jilin did not poke her little tricks(expose her), and answered her.

one day one Night?

"What time is it now?" It takes time to go back, and it took a lot of time to come here? How long has it been now?

"You have been asleep for a day and a half."

In other words, she slumbered from the palace and went to sleep for another two days! She actually slept for so long! Tianqing and tXiu er should have found that she is missing? Um... definitely it should be kidnapped.

"Hey, have you left a kidnapping letter?"

Feng Ji Lin was slightly stunned, and puzzled so he asked: "? What is a kidnapping letter"

  You don't even know the meaning of the kidnapping letter?

"You tied me up, just caught here. Didn't you leave a note for Tianqing or Youning Palace? For example, your princess is in my hand, how much is it for her to live? This way. Didn't say?"

That is too low level! However... he is also a royal family, and it seems that there is no need to ask for money from his family. Grab her, that is to say... I am ready to be discovered, can I say that he is ready... to rebel?

If you think about it, you can say it. If he can't get her out of it without any plan, someone will definitely notice it! But now he did, that is, there is no need to hide anything.

In other words, the time for his action is here!

That was, and what if he used some underhanded deal with TIANQING, no! I will definitely use her to design Tianqing, and then take the opportunity to make tricks!(??)

"Do you think that is necessary?"

A pair of eyes staring at Lan Qin Yu, a look you should know, it really was guessed by her!

"Why?" I asked knowing that there will not be the answer, she could not help but ask him.


Feng Jilin did not understand too much.

"Why do you have to do this?" I really don't want to use rebellion and rebel these words. Too straightforward is not good for myself! In case of anger, hey!



After a while, the other party slowly opened.

"Need the reason?" Since ancient times, the palaces have been intriguing with each other, full of intrigues. Since they were born in the palace, they are destined to fight for each other for the sake of their rights.

He is also the same, hoping to get the supremacy, in order to prevent someone from robbing what he wants, and unconsciously begin to plan for preparation, these... Do you still need a reason?

I felt that I was hit by a boring head. The Lan Qin Yu was blank and she looked at his face not knowing how to refute him.

Indeed, it seems that as long as it is in the palace, there will definitely be no calm. There will always be a few roles that play the wicked, just... this happened to let her meet, and it happens that this 'wicked person' is in front of her own eyes. Only.

"When I didn't ask, what do you want to do next? Just shut me in this inn?"

"Ming ** will know, I believe that you will be satisfied when you arrive." I laughed a few times, then went out.


Um... Anyway, I haven't been able to resist and I've been arrested. In fact, she can't do anything about her, just ask me, what will happen tomorrow... Unknown...

In short, sleep first! Sleeping is the biggest thing! Say enough to sleep!

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