Chapter 85 Ask some questions?

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"I am not poisoned? I am not afraid of poison?"

That is to say, in the future, you don't have to worry about it, and then he will calculate what he has to eat! Very good !

But... it seems that there is still something wrong.

"Why did you just give me the pulse?"

It is reasonable to say that it is impossible to see the eclipse before she is in the middle of it.

The man did not speak, just looked at the snacks and tea on the table.

No way!

"You, you did not  ......  add something weird, right?"

It's awful, forgetting that it's within the enemy's sphere of influence! How was she stunned by hunger! If this time, it will be poisoned again... eh? Doesn't she say that she is not poisoned? correct!

What are you afraid of!

"It's adding something, and the potency is not lighter than the eclipse, but if you look so spirited, you know that there is no effect at all."

He seems to be looking at it too, shrugging indifferently, which means that... she doesn't have to worry about eating anything, right?

Continuing to bury her heads and eat, what is the situation of her now, the danger is not dangerous, the people eat food for the day, the biggest thing to eat!

Feng Jilin sat down at the table and observed Lan Qin Yu with a hand on his chin. She suddenly appeared in the palace, solved many things and out of nowhere became a stumbling block in front of him.

She is indeed different from any woman he has seen before. It gives people a special feeling, not her looks. To say that a beautiful woman has seen a small number of women, she has never surprised him. (It's a bit irritating to talk)(??)

But ...... Most people should know the current situation, it is hijacked?

"Do you know what state(or situation) you are in now?"

After eating the last piece of snack, she rubbed the crumbs on her hands and looked up.


"Being stunned by you, then kidnapping, you may be smashed at any time, isn't it?"

Luck almost, big deal was sold by him, at most she went to the brothel to go to a big fight!


This woman is very thorough in understanding. Since she understands, why can she remain calm? She was not afraid nor is she trembling, much less crying. Even when he looked at her usual behavior, it was not impossible for her to swear or sneer.

"Since I know that I can be removed at any time, why are am I still eating so safely?" It seems that I don't care at all. Isn't she afraid of death?

Need a reason to eat?

rest assured? Where is she assured?, but my heart is nervous to death! But nervousness and fear are useless. Tianqing will be martial arts, and Feng Jilin may not? The answer is impossible!

  She is embarrassed to be shot in front of others, and of course it is impossible to show the meaning of running away.

"If you are hungry, you have to eat. What is the reason?"

But only such a snack is not enough for her to eat...

"Dear Big - Your Royal Highness, you haven't eaten yet, don't you ask for it? You shouldn't object?"

When you are asking for people, you should lower your posture and have a milder tone. Even if you are facing someone you don't like very much, this is a must! Moreover, apart from his hostility towards herself and his words about his own poison, he did not feel particularly annoyed.

Whatever the outcome is Tian qing is his brother Well, is this the legendary ask some questions?

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