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Chapter 10

Annabells POV

I woke up this morning to voices bit I disided to pretend I was still asleep.

" Shhh Zayn, should we wake her up," I think Louis whispered

" Fine I'm going to the kitchen with Niall and Liam," Zayn said in his Bradford accent

So Louis is alone ha.

" BooBear what do we do?" Someone whispered near my feet

Harry, Harry Styles the one and only, great so I am alone in a room where they think I'm asleep with Larry.

What could go wrong

" Grab her feet and I'll grab her arms," Louis said, I could fell his smirk.

" Lou I don't think we sh..." Harry said

" Shut up and do it styles," Louis interrupted Harry

No way is he touching my feet if someone just touches my feet lightly I burst out into fits.

I groaned and swung my leg hitting something

I heard a groan and a thud, I quickly sat up and seen Harry on the ground rolling around holding his ahh let's say man part.

I jumped off the sopha to Harry," Haz are you ok?" I asked as I stoped him from movin

" No," He said in a high pitched voice

" Louis put him on the sopha, I'll get some peas," I said running to the kitchen

I ran to the freezer and graves a bag of peas.

" What's that for and why are you running?" Niall asked laughing

" Errmm well, I kind of hit Harry in the ahh man part," I said

" Ouchh," They all cringed before I ran out and back to the living room.

" Hear Hazz," I said passing the peas to Harry

" Thank," He said in a high pitched voice," Thankyou," He said coughing before he spoke, he sounded normal again

" I'm so so sorry Harry," I side hugged him

" It's fine," He shrugged

" No it's not, how can o make it better?" I asked releasing him

" Well you could kiss it better," He smirked

" Sorry Haz I would but I'm not kissing that," I laughed and so did Louis.

" Well if you kiss my cheek it will spread," He pouted

" Fine," I sighed leaning next to his face and kissing his cheek with my naturally big red lips.

" Happy?" I asked

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