january 18

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11:49 pm

Yoongi kicks a rock across the sidewalk, watching it bounce along into a nearby drain. The cold air nips at his skin, and he pulls his jacket tighter against his lean frame to ease the feeling. Sighing, he unlocks his car with the remote. His frustration from losing the match has yet to subside, even after eight shots of vodka. Now he's angry and tipsy. Great.


Spinning toward the sound, Yoongi almost wonders if the yell is directed at him.

"Get off me!"


He squints, making out four figures in the dark alley across the road. They all appear to be men; however, it's an unclear scene from such a distance.

"You little bitch!"

Yoongi rolls his eyes, turning his attention back to his ride. Probably just another drunken fight. Those are a common occurrence in this area.

His hand toys with the door handle as he watches the quarrel through the reflection of the dark, tinted window. He almost considers helping, as it looks like a mugging rather than a fair fight. Almost.

Almost, until he sees a flash of a vaguely familiar orange color, and his mind is made up. He locks his car - can't risk that - and shoves the keys in the pocket of his suit jacket as he starts across the street.

As Yoongi gets closer, he can see the scene more clearly. The younger boy is being attacked by three larger men; one of which is holding the collar of his cropped shirt. Another stands behind him, dirty hands digging into the boy's exposed waist. The third stands off to the side, laughing as he watches.

"Hey, asshole!"

Yoongi's voice - deepened from adrenaline and drunken anger - reaches the men quickly, all three of them immediately looking his way.

"Just some scrawny guy in a suit. I got it handled."

The man - who was previously just watching - steps forward, blocking Yoongi from the boy, who is now on the ground with a foot on his bare stomach.

"Get out of my way."

He hopes the man will just listen; he really doesn't have the energy for a fight tonight.

"Or what?" he chuckles.

"I said get out of my way."

Before the man can react, Yoongi's fist connects perfectly with his jaw. With a loud thump, the man falls unconscious to the ground. That was easy.

"Get the fuck off of him!"

The other two attackers now seem to be alarmed. They look at each other, panic apparent on both their faces. One of the men opens his mouth as if he's about to object, before the other makes a decision.

"Okay! We'll go!"

The attackers rush off, probably worried about the police being contacted.

Yoongi moves to the boy, offering a hand to help him up. It's definitely the bouncer from before; although it's hard to see anything of him besides his bright colored hair at this time of night.

"You okay?"

The boy takes Yoongi's hand, using it to steady himself on his feet. Yoongi can't help but notice the softness of the boy's skin.

"Y-yeah.. thank you.. you didn't have to do that."

A smile decorates Yoongi's usually stone cold features.

"No problem. Let's go."

Yoongi slips off his jacket, offering it to the younger. He looks at Yoongi questioningly - as if he wants to refuse - but takes the jacket anyway. Yoongi never liked letting other people wear his clothes; who knew a stranger could look so good in them? The dim glow of the street lights accentuates the way the cloth hugs the boy's firm, yet slim shoulders. The soft lighting also happens to accentuate his full lips and flushed face.

Caught up in his thoughts, Yoongi almost walks past his ride. He nonchalantly reaches into the pocket of his jacket for his key fob; his fingers lightly brushing against the other boy's thigh as he does so.

Yoongi doesn't move his hand right away. He only smirks as he feels the muscle tense under his touch.

A split second later, Yoongi's hand is out of the pocket and pressing a button on the remote.

The door clicks as it unlocks, and Yoongi gestures for the boy to take the passenger seat.

"Oh.. it's okay I can walk, it's really not far, I wouldn't want to be a bother, and-"

"Do you really think I'm gonna let you walk after what I just saw? You can trust me, kid. At least for a five minute drive."

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